Spielberg at the center of a streaming scandal

Spielberg at the Center of a Streaming Scandal

Steven Spielberg has a way of generating headlines. History’s most successful director, with a career spanning more than five decades, he has been widely praised as one of Hollywood’s most prescient and pioneering visionaries. His criticism last month of streaming giant Netflix, coupled with his newly announced collaboration with Netflix competitor Apple TV+, are sure…

For the horde – reviews for geeky parents: ‘the dragon prince’

For the Horde – Reviews for Geeky Parents: ‘The Dragon Prince’

Since this is the first “For the Horde” review, I need to introduce myself. I’m mommy, geek and writer, in that order. I recently watched several series that were marketed to children, only to find they were laced with sexual innuendo and things, I’d rather my horde not see at their ages. The other things…

By episode 2, ‘the umbrella academy’ already knows exactly what show it is

By Episode 2, ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Already Knows Exactly What Show It Is

On the other side, now, having spent the weekend effectively binge-ing the whole of The Umbrella Academy, season one, I briefly considered letting myself off the episodic hook and writing an overview of the season as a whole. But that ultimately seemed like the coward’s way out and this is no country for the timid….

‘titans’ s1e2 – we have the beginnings of our romantic storyline

‘Titans’ S1E2 – We Have the Beginnings of Our Romantic Storyline

At the beginning of the second episode of Titans, we are introduced to a crime-fighting couple – Hawk and Dove aka Hank and Dawn when they are not out fighting crime. Hawk is played by Alan Ritchson, and we have Minka Kelly in the role of Dove. Our introduction to them finds Hawk in quite…

Live action teen titans are finally here – and the first episode may leave you wanting

Live Action Teen Titans Are Finally Here – And The First Episode May Leave You Wanting

The DC Universe has expanded to a live action version of their famous Teen Titans, whom most people are familiar with from the original cartoon version. The show aired on Netflix early January 2019 after being very hyped up. The live action version has adopted characters from the cartoon version. These characters are Robin, Raven,…

What’s coming and going from netflix february 2019

What’s Coming and Going From Netflix February 2019

Anyone else in awe we’re already a month into 2019? Where does the time go? Oh, yeah.  Now I remember. All the movies, TV shows, original content, photo apps and just about every other technological distraction capitalism blessed us with. Who can blame us for loving it though? Netflix and chill, baby. Netflix and chill. Here’s…

The week in geek entertainment news 1/18/2019 – links

The Week in Geek Entertainment News 1/18/2019 – Links

All the important geek news from this week rounded up in one place. Is Josh Gad (who voices Olaf) going to play Penguin? He keeps dropping hints. –Comicbook.com The Spider-man: Far From Home trailer is here: Watch the #SpiderManFarFromHome teaser trailer now. 7.5.19 ?️ pic.twitter.com/KTTre9TAvI — Spider-Man (@SpiderManMovie) January 15, 2019 Jason Reitman is making a…

What’s coming and going from netflix january 2019: happy new year!

What’s Coming and Going From Netflix January 2019: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  If your New Year’s resolution for the what-will-be phenomenal year of 2019 is “watch less television,” then this post is not for you! Netflix’s 2019 haul offers a veritable gauntlet of excellent content and sufficient time-wasters. If your resolution is to get to the gym more often, download the app and stream while getting…