Netflix reveals a new way of measuring viewership for its latest releases

Netflix Reveals a New Way of Measuring Viewership for its Latest Releases

Netflix and the Numbers Everyone’s been waiting for Netflix to reveal its numbers to the world. Investors and others must watch for the views and realize the strength of Netflix in the streaming domain. Among all the streaming services, it is by far the most widely subscribed service of them all, and the numbers have…

That’s a wrap: season 1 recap on netflix’s ‘raising dion’

That’s a Wrap: Season 1 Recap on Netflix’s ‘Raising Dion’

Once again, Netflix hooked me with an unexpected trailer. I was looking through the New Releases and as my selection happened to stall upon Raising Dion and the trailer began automatically, the first few seconds caught my attention. A speeding truck is headed right for the show’s namesake, 7-year old Dion who is played by…

Hypothesis: ‘apostle’ – dan stevens dies, but looks very handsome doing so

Hypothesis: ‘Apostle’ – Dan Stevens Dies, But Looks Very Handsome Doing So

Once more into the breach, dear friends, only this time the movie might be amazing. This week, I watched the trailer for Apostle, about which a word of clarification might be warranted, for anyone potentially following along at home. Under no circumstances should an article be attached to this title. It is but one word….