Three things to learn about crypto whales

Three Things To Learn About Crypto Whales

Crypto whales, with their immense holdings and trading power, wield significant influence over the cryptocurrency market. Understanding their behavior and strategies is crucial for investors seeking to navigate the volatile landscape of digital assets. This article explores the anatomy of crypto whales, their strategies, and their impact on market prices, providing valuable insights for cryptocurrency…

Osrs ironman money making guide

OSRS Ironman Money Making Guide

Making money in OSRS using an Ironman account can be challenging. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, here’s a quick guide you can try o

Unraveling the universe: discoveries from the dark energy survey

Unraveling the Universe: Discoveries from the Dark Energy Survey

The big brains of the Dark Energy Survey (DES) have done it, folks! They’ve released their definitive results, based on the biggest, deepest, and most uniform supernova sample we’ve ever seen. Now, what does all that mean in human language? Let’s break it down. Supernovae are these massive explosions that happen when a star reaches…

Soft robotic wearable enhances mobility for parkinson’s patients

Soft Robotic Wearable Enhances Mobility for Parkinson’s Patients

Ever heard of ‘Soft Robotics’? Well, let us tell you something about it. It’s an area of research with some truly transformative potential and its latest application is turning heads in the Parkinson’s community. You see, a team of brainy bods at Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering has conjured up a wearable device…

Calling doctor ant! Calling doctor ant!

Calling Doctor Ant! Calling Doctor Ant!

Did you guys know ants are total healthcare pros? Yeah, those small but mighty critters you find in your backyard. They might be small, but they’re big on medical knowledge, especially when it comes to wound care. According to a recent study, ants have been found to be able to recognize infected wounds and then…

How to become insanely good at online card games

How To Become Insanely Good At Online Card Games

Online card games aren’t just fun: they’re a source of pride. Just like becoming one of the top Counter Strike or League of Legends players, being a big shot in the card world comes with serious acclaim. But how do you get good at these games? Here’s some advice to get you started, whether you…

Understanding the significance of rest apis in the digital landscape

Understanding the Significance of REST APIs in the Digital Landscape

In the reality of digital technology, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have emerged as very important tools, facilitating the seamless exchange of data among various applications, databases, and software.  In the absence of APIs, achieving interconnectivity between digital tools would be a formidable challenge, with each software entity forced to function in isolation. Among the diverse…

Understanding loan terms and conditions: what to look for before signing

Understanding Loan Terms and Conditions: What to Look for Before Signing

Loan terms and conditions are like the roadmap of your financial commitment. They dictate everything from the interest rate and repayment schedule to the consequences of late payments and the total cost of borrowing. With the Australian lending landscape offering a wide array of loans and financial services that help acquire funds faster, and each…

September ‘23 coming to redbox

September ‘23 Coming to Redbox

DOWNLOAD THE FREE REDBOX APP FOR YOUR MOBILE, TABLET, LAPTOP, OR CONNECTED TV AT YOUR FAVORITE APP STORE and watch all of these titles and MORE this month! Lemon Feature Film A man watches his life unravel after he is left by his girlfriend of 10 years. Cast: Inger Tudor (The Social Network), Brett Gelman…

September ’23 coming to crackle

September ’23 Coming to Crackle

DOWNLOAD THE FREE CRACKLE APP FOR YOUR MOBILE, TABLET, LAPTOP, OR CONNECTED TV AT YOUR FAVORITE APP STORE and watch all of these titles and MORE this month! Cossacks Crackle Original Series Cossacks is a twelve-episode series following the irreverant exploits of Ivan, a young Ukranian peasant, raised by a Polish aristocrat, who grows into…

Ai squared: a second look at medical scans

AI Squared: A Second Look at Medical Scans

More and more, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is stepping into roles once held by humans. This isn’t news for anyone keeping an eye on tech headlines. What is news, however, is the innovative way AI is now being utilized to review medical scans.  Stanford University is pioneering the use of AI to provide a second opinion…

Our friends at full moon features are at it again

Our Friends at Full Moon Features Are At It Again

Yeah, I love Full Moon Features and have since waaaaaaaay back when they first showed up at my local video store. The Puppet Master movies were, and still are, right up my alley and I lost count on how many of their movies that I love.  A couple of years ago I was honored to…