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5 ways to fix the “microsoft excel cannot access the file” error

5 Ways to Fix the “Microsoft Excel Cannot Access the File” Error

You may encounter the “Microsoft Excel cannot access the file” error when saving an Excel file. This error usually occurs if the Excel application fails to read the file you are trying to save. Many reasons can lead to such an issue.  A few of them are: Methods to Fix “Microsoft Excel cannot Access the…

Quick guide: how to use powershell to delete files

Quick Guide: How to Use Powershell to Delete Files

Welcome to the world of Powershell where file deletion is as easy as pie! You can bid those file deletion blues goodbye as we guide you on a journey through Powershell’s file and folder removal capabilities. At the heart of deleting files using Powershell lies the `Remove-Item` command. This nifty command is your express ticket…

Windows 11 widgets not working? We’ve got the answer

Windows 11 Widgets Not Working? We’ve Got The Answer

So, your Windows 11 widgets are throwing a fit, huh? Well, don’t you worry, fellow tech warrior. We’ve got your back! Let’s Get Your Widgets Working Again First thing first, check if your internet connection is playing hide and seek. Sometimes, the widgets can throw a tantrum just because your Wi-Fi decided to take a…

Conquering the beast: a comprehensive guide to fixing system error 5 in windows

Conquering the Beast: A Comprehensive Guide to Fixing System Error 5 in Windows

Struggling with the dreaded “System Error 5: Access Denied” message on your Windows machine? Hang tight, we’ve got your geeky guide to troubleshoot this issue step by step, from running Command Prompt as admin to diving into the system’s Local Users and Groups Manager. We’ll even walk you through a careful registry tweak. No need for an IT SOS with this guide in your toolkit!

Quick guide: fixing the ‘windows was unable to complete the format’ error

Quick Guide: Fixing the ‘Windows Was Unable to Complete the Format’ Error

In this quick and easy guide, we walk you through the steps to fix the ‘Windows was unable to complete the format’ error that often occurs with USBs, SD cards, and other storage devices. From checking for physical damage to removing write protection, identifying bad sectors, scanning for viruses, and finally, formatting your device, we’ve got you covered.

What the end of internet explorer 11 means for you

What the End of Internet Explorer 11 Means for You

Internet Explorer 11 is no more, but what’s next? Microsoft recently halted its support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) which has been around since the 90s. With more advanced and competitive browsers like Mozilla and Chrome taking center stage, only a handful of people still use IE11.  As a result, Microsoft has redirected its focus…

Bluestacks: run android apps on windows pc

Bluestacks: Run Android Apps On Windows PC

Imagine playing your favorite Android app on your desktop with a keyboard and a mouse. The experience would be fun whether you’re playing a game or exploring a native app sitting on the couch comfortably.   BlueStacks has made this a reality as you can now run Android apps and games on Macs and Windows…

7 reasons to choose windows 10 over windows 11

7 Reasons to Choose Windows 10 Over Windows 11

It is often a good idea to work with updated technology. However, sometimes it’s wise to retain an older version than to be lured by a new version’s looks and promises. The case may be true for Windows 10 and Windows 11. The latter looks inviting and modern, tempting users to give it a try….

6 signs you need to upgrade your pc’s power supply 

6 Signs You NEED to Upgrade Your PC’s Power Supply 

The Power system Unit (PSU) is like your computer’s heart, hence the need to keep it in check. While other components such as RAM and GPUs are essential, the PSU is one crucial item that’s easy to overlook.  The PSU’s primary role is to supply electrical current to each part. Failing to maintain it increases…

8 amazing windows 11 features you need to try

8 AMAZING Windows 11 Features You Need to Try

If you’re new to Windows 11, adjusting to the new features may take some time. The latest Microsoft OS comes with various features that you might not notice right away. So, we’ve highlighted some of the best features for you to try and understand Windows 11 better. Align The Start Menu to The Left If…

6 signs that microsoft secretly loves linux 

6 Signs That Microsoft Secretly LOVES Linux 

Despite being a corporate entity, Microsoft has recently shown immense love for Linux. Not long ago, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella posed for a photo in front of a slide declaring the company’s love for Linux. Most Microsoft and Linux users were excited to see this suggestive move, although there was nothing substantial to grasp from…

6 ways to delete temporary files in windows 11

6 Ways to Delete Temporary Files in Windows 11

As the name suggests, temporary files are not meant to remain forever in your device. Windows and third-party software use them to store data for a limited time. Therefore, you should not worry when programs create short-term files for all kinds of purposes. While these files are meant to be temporary, no program deletes them…

5 different ways to change dns server settings on windows 11

5 Different Ways to Change DNS Server Settings on Windows 11

If your DNS server is not the fastest or most reliable type, you can change it through the five ways discussed below. Before you make any changes, be sure to understand the DNS server’s role in your Windows 11 PC. Essentially, the Domain Name System (DNS) server transforms all the domains you enter in your…