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8 AMAZING Windows 11 Features You Need to Try

If you’re new to Windows 11, adjusting to the new features may take some time. The latest Microsoft OS comes with various features that you might not notice right away. So, we’ve highlighted some of the best features for you to try and understand Windows 11 better.

  1. Align The Start Menu to The Left

If you were used to the left-aligned start menu in Windows 10, you might not like the new position in Windows 11. Thankfully Windows 11 allows you to reposition the menu to your preferred position. Here’s how.

  1. Right-click on the taskbar.
  2. Select “Taskbar Settings.”
  3. Click “Taskbar Behavior” settings.
  4. Locate “Taskbar Alignment” and click the drop-down menu next to it.
  5. Select “Left.”
Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, 8 amazing windows 11 features you need to try, windows

Now the taskbar will be aligned to the left

  • Snap/ Organize Apps

Snapping is a common feature in Windows, and the latest OS comes with some improvements. Windows 11 has the Snap Layouts visible by hovering the pointer on the Maximize button. Alternatively, you can see the layouts by entering the “Win + Z” keyboard shortcut. Choose up to about six different layouts on Windows 11, and be sure to select other windows (s) to occupy the free space. All the snapped layouts will be grouped in the taskbar.

  • Utilize Widgets

You no longer need the Live Tiles in Windows 10 as the latest OS comes with widgets. The features appear immediately after you set up Windows 11 on your PC.

Widgets make it easy to access information such as news, weather, sports, and other content. You can customize them by adding more, removing some, or resizing to accommodate other features.

  • Easy Desktop Management

If you just set Windows 11 on your PC, you may have noticed a new button on the taskbar. Microsoft has developed a new desktop management system to create, manage, and arrange several desktops. In other words, you can access multiple desktops by hovering the pointer over the “Task View” icon.

If you’re using Windows 11 on a laptop, simply swipe up on the trackpad to access this feature. Besides, you can customize the desktops by setting background colors for each or rearranging their order.

The improved desktop management in Windows 11 helps you keep the apps organized, eventually improving productivity.

  • Chat on Microsoft Teams

You don’t need to install the Microsoft Teams app on your PC to chat. Microsoft decided to integrate the free chatting app into the latest OS. You only need to go to the taskbar and click the chat icon to start a video call or a chat.

Note that your contact must also be using Teams to enjoy the feature. If they’re not yet enrolled, you can send them an invite to sign up for the service. In the same way, you can sync the chats on your smartphone if the Microsoft Teams app on your phone is linked to your account.

  • Increase Productivity with Focus Sessions

The Focus Sessions feature in Windows 11 is similar to focus apps found in smartphones. This feature increases productivity by helping you concentrate on the tasks while avoiding unnecessary delays and obstructions. To access Focus Sessions, open the “Alarms and Clock” app on your PC and follow prompts.

Notably, the Focus Sessions feature is based on the Pomodoro technique that helps you set small breaks as you work on long projects.

The feature also lets you set a timer for every task showing you the progress on the dashboard. If listening to music would improve your focus and concentration, you can conduct the Spotify integration to listen to your favorite tracks as you work on your tasks.

  • Sound Controls

Windows 11 gives you more control over the sound coming from your PC. You can combine the left and right audio channels to change computer audio to mono audio. To do this, go to “Settings,” “System,” and then “Sound.”

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, 8 amazing windows 11 features you need to try, windows

Windows 11 also has an Enhanced audio option that allows you to enhance equalization, boost bass, enable surround sound, etc. Here’s how.

  1. Open “Settings.”
  2. Go to “System.”
  3. Click “Sound.”
  4. Select “Advanced.”
  5. Click “All Sound Devices.”
  6. Hit on the “Properties” menu.
  7. Activate “Enhance Audio.”
  • Better Battery Stats

Windows 11 has addressed the hurdles, in its predecessors, of understanding the battery statistics. With the latest OS, you can easily visualize the battery usage and understand every parameter. Follow the steps below to access the battery stats.

  1. Open “Settings.”
  2. Go to “System.”
  3. Select “Power & Battery.”
  4. Click on the “Battery Usage” tab.

Battery statistics will appear, showing a level chart on usage and lifetime. Besides, you will see which apps have consumed much battery juice and how long the screen has been on. Here, you can stop any background processes of an app that may be draining your battery too much.

Explore These Windows 11 Features

The features discussed here are some of the most impressive we found in Windows 11. As we wait for Windows 11 to support Android apps, you can explore and enjoy these features. Note this is just the tip of the iceberg, and you’ll discover more features as you get used to Windows 11. Having said that, Windows 11 is still new, and it’ll take some time to implement a new design language and get rid of bugs completely. So, expect more improvements and changes over time.

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