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Afroanimation summit honors independent filmmakers

AfroAnimation Summit Honors Independent Filmmakers

Burbank, CA, April 8, 2024 – Today, AfroAnimation, the biggest annual event for diverse and BIPOC animators and creators, shared the names of this year’s first AfroAnimation Summit Icon Awards honorees and the films in the running for the FWRD Awards. This fourth AfroAnimation Summit is happening from April 10 to 12, 2024, in Burbank—known…

Taking a step forward in fusion energy tech

Taking a Step Forward in Fusion Energy Tech

The Korean artificial sun, known as KSTAR, recently set a new record for plasma operation time. This achievement came shortly after it received upgrades to its diverters, which are critical components that come into contact with the plasma, by switching to tungsten monoblocks. The Korea Institute of Fusion Energy (KFE) reported that during its latest…

A mega snake species just discovered in the amazon

A Mega Snake Species Just Discovered in the Amazon

So, get this: A bunch of brainiacs trailed by camera-toting adventurers deep in the uncharted Amazon just stumbled upon a humongous snake that’s been slithering under the radar. We’re talking about a mega-sized snake that could star in its own horror flick. Professor Bryan Fry and his crew of intrepid researchers from The University of…

15 years of data sheds light on nasty stuff hitching a ride in whales and dolphins

15 Years of Data Sheds Light on Nasty Stuff Hitching a Ride in Whales and Dolphins

So, get this: whales and dolphins, right? They’re out there munching on their seafood platter, snagging fish, squid, and the occasional crab, which is how they get all their important nutrients. But here’s the catch – while they’re feasting, they’re also gulping down some nasty heavy metals that shouldn’t be on the menu. We’ve bumped…

Memory updates coming soon

Memory Updates Coming Soon

We’ve got some scintillating news straight from the hallowed halls of Stanford that could supercharge your computers! Imagine a hard drive that’s not only lightning-fast but also doesn’t guzzle power like a famished gamer at 3 am! Stanford’s brainiacs have developed a phase-change memory that’s looking to shake things up, a potential game-changer in universal…

Hackers could target offshore wind farms

Hackers Could Target Offshore Wind Farms

The rapid pace of electrifying society brings hope for the climate. However, shifting away from fossil fuels to renewable sources like wind introduces new, yet unknown risks. A recent study conducted by researchers from Concordia and Hydro-Quebec shed light on this topic at the 2023 IEEE International Conference on Communications, Control, and Computing Technologies for…

Look, up in the sky – it’s super magnets

Look, Up in the Sky – It’s SUPER Magnets

Okay, that was lame but this news sure isn’t. In central New Jersey, a research initiative is taking shape at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL). Led by principal engineer Yuhu Zhai, the lab is constructing a new High-Field Magnet Test Facility. This facility will provide powerful magnets for scientific experiments to researchers at PPPL,…

X-rays get an upgrade

X-rays Get an Upgrade

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), have developed and simulated a groundbreaking method to generate highly focused and precisely controlled X-rays. This innovative technique is up to a thousand times more intense than traditional methods, opening the door to ultra-high-quality X-ray imaging for accurate detection of flaws in semiconductors. Not only does this…

Noblewood group plans business expansion and answers journalists’ questions

Noblewood Group Plans Business Expansion and Answers Journalists’ Questions

Noblewood had a highly productive year in Montenegro. The Group has already turned into a major driving force of the local economy and the best is yet to come. To celebrate success, the company held an Open Media Day where its representative outlined the most prominent achievements and ambitious plans for the next few years….

Wait, what? Not all fingerprints are unique?

Wait, What? Not All Fingerprints Are Unique?

You know that age-old belief that fingerprints are like snowflakes, each one unique, never to be repeated? Yeah, about that… AI has just thrown us a real curveball. It’s like we’ve just found two identical snowflakes. The clever boffins at the AI Lab have discovered that not all fingerprints are as distinctive as we once…

Wristbands spill the beans on air pollution

Wristbands Spill the Beans on Air Pollution

There’s a new superhero in town, and it’s a…wristband? Yeah, you read that right. A few scientists have been on the lookout for ways to keep us safe and informed and this time, they’ve got a wristband that plays detective, sniffing out environmental villains like air pollutants. Researchers at Oregon State University have been working…