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Wait, what? Not all fingerprints are unique?

Wait, What? Not All Fingerprints Are Unique?

You know that age-old belief that fingerprints are like snowflakes, each one unique, never to be repeated? Yeah, about that… AI has just thrown us a real curveball. It’s like we’ve just found two identical snowflakes. The clever boffins at the AI Lab have discovered that not all fingerprints are as distinctive as we once…

Wristbands spill the beans on air pollution

Wristbands Spill the Beans on Air Pollution

There’s a new superhero in town, and it’s a…wristband? Yeah, you read that right. A few scientists have been on the lookout for ways to keep us safe and informed and this time, they’ve got a wristband that plays detective, sniffing out environmental villains like air pollutants. Researchers at Oregon State University have been working…