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6 strategies to protect your business from digital identity fraud

6 Strategies To Protect Your Business From Digital Identity Fraud

As the business world becomes more digitally driven, companies face constant privacy threats. This is backed by research, which reveals that over 70% of enterprises have experienced some fraud. However, some businesses are more prone to digital identity fraud than others for several reasons, including varying vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals are constantly on the lookout for such…

The practicality of vpns on ios and android: a closer look

The Practicality of VPNs on iOS and Android: A Closer Look

With everyone always connected via the internet, security and privacy are now top priorities. Here’s where VPNs come into play. For those on the go, a reliable VPN app for your iOS or Android device is essential. A perfect example to explore is, a service that promises secure and private browsing on your mobile…

Latest ransomware/malware news

Latest Ransomware/Malware News

The year 2021 has experienced a resurgence in ransomware attacks, mainly targeting the government, healthcare, and education sectors. Ransomware is simply a demand for ransom to unblock a file. Typically, attackers create malware and spread it through malicious websites or phishing emails.  They use the malware to remotely control all the infected systems, block access…