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NordPass vs. Lastpass: Which One’s Better?

If you’re looking for a secure password manager, there are some really popular choices such as the free password manager by, NordPass, and LastPass. Subscribing to the best password manager will help you create and store passwords conveniently and securely. Notably, different password managers have unique points that should guide you in making the right choice. LastPass has been in the game longer than NordPass, but both have competitive features worth looking into before you make an uninformed conclusion. Below is a detailed comparison of the two password managers to help you determine the best for you. 

User Interface

Both password managers have a straightforward user interface with convenient tabs and options for all your options and shortcuts. LastPass’s interface is clear thus easy to organize and use. The interface provides a consistent user experience no matter whether you’re accessing it on a mobile device, desktop, or browser. However, the lack of recent evolution of LastPass’s user interface puts the password manager behind NordPass as it may not incorporate new design languages. 

On its part, NordPass has a modern look and provides a clean user interface that blends with modern mobile and PC OS design styles. So, your choice of password manager should depend on your preferences. If you’re more into smartphones and modern PC designs, it would be easier to navigate using NordPass than in LastPass. 

Platform Availability

It’s crucial to have a password manager that supports all your devices. Since you’re likely to use a single password manager for a long time, ensure you choose a service provider that can work on all the devices you plan to use now and in the future. You can install LastPass on devices using Mozilla, Edge, Opera, Brave, and Chrome. Besides, the password manager will work on Mac, Linux, and Windows through extensions. LastPass also works on iPhones/iPads and Android and comes with the smartwatch functionality. However, the LastPass desktop app is only limited to Mac. 

The same case applies to NordPass. However, NordPass is regarded as a desktop app meaning that you’ll have to install a desktop version for the extension to work on the browser. Instead of relying only on the extension, it’s wise to install the desktop app as you won’t have to log in again even if you reinstall the browser extension. 


Security and reliability are the primary concern for most people and organizations seeking password management services. The service providers understand this and have done their best to remain competitive and avoid cybersecurity cases that could jeopardize their trust in the market and expose crucial personal information to attackers. As such, none of the two password managers disappoint when it comes to security. LastPass and NordPass receive your credentials in their servers through an encrypted form. It means that they can’t access your file or see what kind of password you’ve set. Both also allow two-factor authentication to ensure no one is tampering with your account and login details. 

When it comes to encryption, LastPass uses the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) through the PBKDF2 SHA-256 hashing, meaning that it’s impossible to reverse-engineer your master password values. This form of encryption also prevents brute-force attacks as it would take long to guess all potential variables for the encryption key. 

NordPass, on the other hand, takes an alternate route with similar security standards. Rather than the AES encryption, NordPass utilizes the ChaCha20 algorithm, which is a bit better and three times faster than LastPass’s encryption. All the credentials that you save in NordPass are encrypted and salted locally and then uploaded to the server for you to access. This is a mirror image of LastPass’s provision, but NordPass encryption is more modern. 

The two password managers seem equals regarding multifactor security. Previously, NordPass only supported authentication app codes and email confirmations but has since included security keys to match LastPass. So, you can choose between emails and security keys like ePass, apps, iPass, and YubiKey. This provision allows you to select a separate hardware token making your password hackproof. 

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for both password managers seems vague and could be more transparent. While details should remain anonymous, NordPass still traces some of your information when creating your account. For instance, you must enter your email address while signing up, and the password manager may also record the IP addresses used when accessing the vaults. However, not much data is exposed to NordPass, and you can always find a workaround by using a VPN or crypto when buying a subscription. This maneuver will leave fewer traces and help hide your identity.

The case gets more complicated when it comes to LastPass. Currently, the password manager uses its parent company’s (LogMeIn) privacy policy. While the recently announced planned split between the two could provide a more concise privacy policy, LogMeIn’s multiple products make it hard to substantiate which parts of the policy apply to LastPass. Nonetheless, LastPass admits that they collect customers’ email addresses, payment details, and names to provide the service efficiently. Apparently, both password managers collect similar information from all customers claiming that they have measures and policies to ensure that their data collection isn’t excessive. However, none of the two companies provide precise details on what privacy policies and measures they allude to. 

Pricing Plans

Both NordPass and LastPass have free plans to store passwords without emergency access. Besides, you can only access the free pricing plan on a single device. LastPass provides free sharing feature, but you must be subscribed to enjoy the feature on NordPass. 

NordPass has cheaper premium tiers than LastPass at $1.5 for an individual and a $5/month fee for families with up to six accounts. The business plan costs $3.6/month for each user with unique pricing and advanced customization if you want different features than provided. 

LastPass offers its premium plan at $4/month for up to six licenses and $6/month for businesses. Some of the features that come with the business plan include customizable security policies, app integration, in-depth reporting, and an admin dashboard. 

So, Which Password Manager is Better?

Most users easily fall for LastPass mainly due to its essential options. However, if you want a modern user experience, a desktop app, or a better autofill service, NordPass is better for you, especially if you use NordVPN. 

When it comes to budgeting, you can choose to save with NordPass or go for the extra options provided by LastPass. Essentially, your personal preferences and budget should be the significant factors to consider as you make your final decision.

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