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Whether you’re super busy with work, life, or just aren’t fond of cooking, there’s a really good chance that you need a better answer to the age-old question “what’s for dinner. And you’re not alone of course. It’s a well-known fact that the majority of Americans need both better nutrition and easier ways to prepare meals.

Conversely, some people absolutely hate preparing meals. Especially when it’s just for them and perhaps a significant other and the meal has to be prepared after a long, hard day at work. While there are all sorts of diets you can try that may or may not help you eat better and there are plenty of subscription services that send meals directly to your home, most of them still require prep time and a cook that at least halfway knows what they’re doing.

And unfortunately, some of you simply aren’t that good at all at cooking.

If any of the above happens to describe you, there’s good news.


As you’ll see, Tovala is not only wonderfully convenient, but it will also help to ensure that you eat better as well.

What is Tovala?

Tovala is a first-of-its-kind food subscription service that not only sends meals to your door, it has a smart oven to ensure that those meals are cooked appropriately. It also provides in-app recipes and has the ability to scan and cook almost 1,000 different products from brands like Pillsbury and Amy’s.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, cook & eat smarter. Really smarter, living5 Simple Steps to Eat Better Easier

We all like things to be as easy as possible and luckily for us, technology has made that possible in numerous aspects of our lives. With Tovala’s smart oven, cooking a delicious meal every night of the week has never been easier.

  1. Use their app or website to select your meals for the week from the menu that is constantly updated.
  2. Refrigerate the meals when they arrive.
  3. When ready, chose your meal and complete the 1 minute of required prep.
  4. Scan the accompanying meal card and the Tovala oven will cook your dinner perfectly in 20-minutes or less.
  5. Enjoy your meal.

It’s that easy. No more intricate recipes, scavenger hunting at the grocery store for the right supplies, washing and chopping ingredients, or having to do the dreadful cleanup and dishes. Just order and scan when ready to eat. 

Fresh meals, delivered directly to the home, and ready within 20-minutes with barely having to do a thing makes Tovala perfect for college students, singles, young couples, the elderly, and really anyone that just wants to eat better easier. 

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