Ring employees are watching you for fun

Ring Employees Are Watching You For Fun

You know how people always talk about how you shouldn’t worry about privacy if you have nothing to hide? I always thought that was idiotic logic. There’s always externalities to watch out for, not to mention slippery slopes in embracing technologies or behaviors and practices that erode valuable aspects of our lives. Thinking about privacy…

Are smart homes destined to leave us vulnerable?

Are Smart Homes Destined to Leave Us Vulnerable?

Smart homes are definitely a jewel in the crown of Geeks everywhere and they are helping to simplify lives and open doors that were only dreamed of not so long ago. With the ability to actually speak to our homes and have basic tasks completed automatically, millions of consumers are flocking to these tech wonders….

How to manage your passwords securely and efficiently

How to Manage Your Passwords Securely and Efficiently

Password management can be quite tricky if you don’t have the right tools or don’t use the right approach. That’s why it’s not very surprising that the majority of computer and mobile users rarely veer from simple and easy-to-remember passwords. Most use variations of the same, but a lot of people use the exact same…

Lock your computer the second you get up with halberd’s bluetooth security key

Lock Your Computer the Second You Get Up With Halberd’s Bluetooth Security Key

Did you know that the personal information of customers are the number one target of hackers and information thieves? Yes, it is true, a data exfiltration study conducted by the computer malware protection and anti-virus company McAfee revealed that the value of private personal data stored on personal computers surpasses that of an individual’s credit…

Gatekeeper chain automatically locks your computer

GateKeeper Chain Automatically Locks Your Computer

We’ve all seen the sad saga unfold: someone unwittingly left their laptop open to Facebook, a “friend” thought it would be funny to post an embarrassing secret about them, and they end up being humiliated in front of their unrequited crush and entire circle of friends. But frenemies aren’t the only people interested in taking…

Who Else Is Using Your WiFi Network?

Once upon a time we had WEP encryption, and all was good, but then all became not good, because WEP was weak. So now we have WPA, and all is good again …Well, mostly. WEP Encryptions Obsolete WEP encryption’s main failing is that it’s possible to obtain the password just by capturing enough packets as…