Top 5 outfits resident evil’s ada wong has ever worn

Top 5 Outfits Resident Evil’s Ada Wong Has Ever Worn

If there’s one thing that Ada Wong knows better than blasting monsters and breaking hearts, it’s lookin’ good while doing it. No matter what she wears, Ada has always managed to dazzle and make espionage look like a walk in the park. Grab your grappling gun and favorite red lipstick while we count down the…

Lara croft’s five most memorable outfits

Lara Croft’s Five Most Memorable Outfits

She runs, she shoots, she dives she saves the world—and through it all, she always manages to look fly! Over the years, Tomb Raider star Lara Croft has donned some pretty (and pretty interesting) outfits—but when you’re as rockin’ as this popular game heroine, you could go out (or swing out?) in your Pjs and…

Tomb raider chronicles: a brief history (gold edition)

Tomb Raider Chronicles: A Brief History (Gold Edition)

A few months ago, we honored the announcement of 2015’s Rise of the Tomb Raider, the newest entry in the popular Tomb Raider series, with a complete list of series star Lara Croft’s previous adventures. But the tomb raiding doesn’t stop there. In addition to the nine main titles are numerous spin-offs and tie-in installments, including…

Top 5 most memorable death scenes in ‘game of thrones’

Top 5 Most Memorable Death Scenes In ‘Game Of Thrones’

Like a good horror movie, Game of Thrones has become as critically renown for its tight writing and unpredictable plot twists as its crazy-good death scenes. In honor of the show’s upcoming fifth season, join us as we count down the five most memorable death scenes (thus far!) in Game of Thrones. 5. Viserys Targaryen…

The top five “resident evil” characters itching for a comeback

The Top Five “Resident Evil” Characters Itching For A Comeback

With the upcoming release of Resident Evil: Revelations 2, CAPCOM reintroduces Claire Redfield and Moira Burton, two characters who have been M.I.A. from the series for over a decade. Their triumphant return seems due mainly to fan demand for some familiar faces that aren’t those of series darlings Chris Redfield (Claire’s older brother), Jill Valentine,…

Capcom drops new info regarding “resident evil: revelations 2” villain

CAPCOM Drops New Info Regarding “Resident Evil: Revelations 2” Villain

The November issue of Game Informer has caused quite a stir in the Resident Evil fan community. Among other details, the gaming magazine’s featured article about the upcoming Resident Evil: Revelations 2 revealed a few juicy tidbits about this newest Resident Evil entry’s main villain, who, according to the article, is a returning female character…

Showtime and michael c. Hall both open to a “dexter” spin-off or sequel

Showtime And Michael C. Hall Both Open To A “Dexter” Spin-Off Or Sequel

Like fans of so many shows, fans of Showtime hit “Dexter” often debate where the long-running series should have ended. One thing that most agree on, though, is that the place where the show’s finale left the titular Dexter Morgan—mercy-killing his brain-dead sister Deb, turning over custody of his beloved son Harrison to his serial…

“the lion king” gets a new sequel and spin-off series

“The Lion King” Gets A New Sequel And Spin-Off Series

In 1994, Disney’s The Lion King opened to an adoring audience (which included many film critics) that praised the film’s animation and grandeur. Since then, the film has grossed almost $500,000,000.00 worldwide, inspired two sequels, a follow-up television series, and a popular Broadway musical, and sold millions of dollars’ worth of merchandise. Recently, in honor…

‘resident evil: revelations 2’ speculation and chatter

‘Resident Evil: Revelations 2’ Speculation and Chatter

For some time now, the Resident Evil fan community has speculated on a sequel to the 2012’s Resident Evil: Revelations, a 3DS title that earned the franchise (which is simply called Biohazard in its native Japan) its highest ratings that year- even higher than those of major entry Resident Evil 6. In fact, so well-received…

Allegations of Plagiarism Prove No “Heaven” For Led Zeppelin

The Stairway to Heaven might prove a gentler obstacle to climb than the lawsuit pending against 1970s rockers Led Zeppelin. Earlier this year, the family of Randy California, late guitarist of the band Spirit, as well as the rest of his band members have banded together to sue the famous act on grounds of plagiarism….

Terre des hommes: digital rendering of young girl catches internet predator

Terre Des Hommes: Digital Rendering of Young Girl Catches Internet Predator

It’s been three years since the cancellation of NBC’s To Catch A Predator, a reality TV-style documentary series that followed an anti-crime organization called Perverted Justice. Each episode featured members of the organization using the anonymity of internet chat rooms to fish out out predators who sought to use them to meet and exploit minors….

Bruce willis’ john mcclane will “die hard” once again in sixth film

Bruce Willis’ John McClane Will “Die Hard” Once Again In Sixth Film

Movie goers first met sardonic but likeable New York cop John McClane in 1988’s blockbuster hit Die Hard. The film, which followed McClane (played by Bruce Willis) as he fought terrorists who had seized a building and taken his estranged wife Holly (Bonnie Bedelia) hostage, garnered as many positive reviews as it did bucks at…

‘the mindy project’ makes controversial joke about consent

‘The Mindy Project’ Makes Controversial Joke About Consent

An episode of FOX’s The Mindy Project that aired earlier this month has brought the show under fire by feminist bloggers the world around. In the episode, the sit-com featured a conversation between the titular Mindy Lahiri (played by series creator Mindy Kaling) and her boyfriend Danny following a sexual encounter in which he, without…

The top five most memorable monsters in ‘silent hill’

The Top Five Most Memorable Monsters in ‘Silent Hill’

Halloween is All Hallow’s Eve, the one night of the year when the dead can rise and wonder the earth alongside their monster kin. But anyone who’s ever played a Silent Hill game will tell you that, in that particular town, every night is Halloween. The atmosphere constantly oscillates between the dark of night and…