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Top 5 Outfits Resident Evil’s Ada Wong Has Ever Worn

by Caitlin George
resident evil's ada wong dress

If there’s one thing that Ada Wong knows better than blasting monsters and breaking hearts, it’s lookin’ good while doing it. No matter what she wears, Ada has always managed to dazzle and make espionage look like a walk in the park. Grab your grappling gun and favorite red lipstick while we count down the five most fabulous outfits that Resident Evil’s Ada Wong has ever donned.

5. Resident Evil: Damnation

Ms. Wong made her CGI film debut in this 2012 sequel to 2008’s Resident Evil: Degeneration, and neither she nor her fabulous ensemble took any prisoners. It was a women’s business suit with the chic dial turned all the way up. At base, it consisted of a black skirt and jacket accented by a red button-up, matching red pumps (the heel of which could detach to reveal a switchblade knife), and tastefully sized white vertical pin stripes. The outfit’s only tragedy? A gaudy black choker so huge in size that it added too much weight to the ensemble’s simple, trim design. Still, it’s a real shame about president-slash-martial arts instructor Svetlana Belikova ruining the jacket and shirt with a long knife slash across the bust; if Ada couldn’t hold a sterner poker face than Lucky Luciano, we’re sure she would’ve been in tears. (We know we were.)

4. Resident Evil: the Umbrella Chronicles

It isn’t often that Ada sheds her signature red in favor of something different, but when she does, she stuns even more. Case in point: the soft green satin dress that she donned in Resident Evil: the Umbrella Chronicles. Adorned with gold trim and what appeared to be traditional Chinese decoration patterns, this tastefully cut halter-top dress featured a soft pink satin wrap and dangling pearl earrings as its only accessories. What the front of the dress, the skirt line, and shoes look like remains a mystery as the dress is seen only in a photo-realistic shot created for the game, but if what we can see if any indication, they’re just as killer as the rest of the outfit. (Hey, CAPCOM! We’re sensing major potential for Ada’s next alternate costume here!)

3. Resident Evil 6

The woman in red dons black leather for this outfit, and lots of it; knee-high heeled boots, elbow-length cuffed gloves, tight tapered pants, and a matching belt make up this ensemble’s majority. She accessorizes the outfit with two dainty silver chains hanging off both hips in a curving arc and a short-corded necklace adorned with a cross. What really makes this get-up stand out, though, is the splash of color in its vibrant red button-up, worn with the collar fashionably popped. When the first official render of Ms. Wong wearing this outfit while wielding her signature crossbow flooded the internet, the hearts of a thousand femme fatales shrieked with envy.

2. Resident Evil 6 (The Mercenaries)

Fans had only to earn an A rank while playing as the super spy on any round of Resident Evil 6‘s The Mercenaries mini-game to unlock this equally super (and breath-taking) outfit. Like the green dress that Ada wore in the photo-realistic shot produced for the Umbrella Chronicles, this white satin beauty seems based on the cut, style, and decoration patterns of traditional Chinese garbs. Its blue bracelet and matching flowering headdress provides a nice pop of color (although we confess we could do without the dangling pheasant feathers) while its long skirt with equally long side slits both conceal and reveal just enough to make this elegant ensemble a smash-hit worthy of the Red Carpet.

1. Resident Evil 4

This is hands-down the most stunning outfit that Ms. Wong has worn to-date. Its long-ribboned black choker, classy pointed-toe pumps, and classic red velvet dress adorned with gold-tipped butterflies (a symbol of reincarnation) dazzle together just as much as they represent Ada at her rawest: a mysterious woman, full of lethal skill and compassion, who has returned from Death’s door. We have no idea whether or not the good folks at CAPCOM will ever best this ensemble in terms of design, style, or symbolism, but—as much as we hate to admit it—we hope with all of our Ada-lovin’ hearts that they do. Part of the fun of waiting for a new Resident Evil title is waiting to see where the story takes our favorite spy next, after all, and part of the fun of seeing her new game is checking out what fabulous new outfit she’s wearing.

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