Lock Your Computer the Second You Get Up With Halberd’s Bluetooth Security Key

Did you know that the personal information of customers are the number one target of hackers and information thieves? Yes, it is true, a data exfiltration study conducted by the computer malware protection and anti-virus company McAfee revealed that the value of private personal data stored on personal computers surpasses that of an individual’s credit card information. Internal actors in public and work spaces are responsible for 43% of data loss which on average costs businesses and organizations $4.3 million dollars per breach. Anytime a computer is left unlocked, even if just for a few minutes while you are refilling your coffee or using the restroom, personal and sensitive data stored on your computer can quickly fall into the wrong hands. However now there is a solution with Gatekeeper’s new Halberd security key which ensures that your computer will be impenetrable always.

Full Data Security

Halberd’s Bluetooth security key is genius. Whenever you get up from your work desk, the device locks your computer immediately and unlocks your computer automatically when you return thus making it impossible for anyone other than yourself to use and be logged into your computer. Every time you step away from your workspace, Halberd prompts your computer to display the login screen while you are away and will not allow any party to log into your computer, even if the individual has gained access to your login information thus providing an extra layer of added security.

Not only does the device help protect your information, it also helps you save time as locking and unlocking your computer as well as restarting your computer is no longer necessary with Gatekeeper’s latest computer security device. The Halberd can help make completing tasks easier and more efficient as constantly logging out and back into your computer every time you have to get up is no longer necessary with the device. Gatekeeper’s Halberd is perhaps last component of computer and data security that so many individuals and organizations need in ensuring that their personal and most sensitive data is never susceptible to theft and compromised. Additionally, the Halberd helps to prevent prying eyes and nosy individuals from having the opportunity to view private chat conversations and important data-sensitive tasks that you may be working on.

How Does the Gatekeeper Work?

The Gatekeeper system uses a tiny fob that communicates with your computer via a USB plug-in and an app downloaded onto your computer. Upon installing the app on your computer (which is simple and easy and takes just a few minutes), the Gatekeeper’s settings can be adjusted. The device’s 100-foot range can be adjusted so that your device is not too sensitive and won’t log you off unnecessarily if you are bending over to pick up a pen in enclosed workspaces or just sensitive enough if you are working in tight and crowded workspaces.

The Gatekeeper works like a charm, as soon as you get up from your computer your computer locks and the second you sit back down it immediately logs you back in. The settings also allow you to set the Gatekeeper on automatic mode or button mode. The button mode is a manual setting by which your computer locks whenever the button on the fob is pressed and unlocks by touching the fob to the USB attachment. Both automatic and button modes work just as well and can be adjusted so that your computer session and tasks are ended upon leaving your device as opposed to just momentarily locking access to your computer while you are away. If you are concerned that someone could somehow steal or find your fob, the app also has a setting which requires both your Gatekeeper and pin login to unlock your computer and would prevent information thieves from gaining access to your computer even with your Gatekeeper fob.

Gatekeeper’s Kickstarter Campaign

Gatekeeper has launched its second Kickstarter campaign. pledge of $35 dollars gets interested consumers the device which is estimated to be delivered during January 2018 and thereafter. Backers of the campaign who receive the Halberd will also receive extras as the campaign meets certain pledge goals. When funding levels reach $30k, backers will receive a stick-on collapsible phone stand, when funding levels reach $40k backers will receive a three-foot extension cable, and when funding reaches $50k, backers will receive a retractable steel cable. Gatekeeper’s first campaign was 100% successful as every backer’s product shipped on time and the campaign’s funding goals were exceeded by 333%.

Checkout the campaign’s launch video below to find out more:


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