Overlooked cybersecurity vulnerabilities to know about

Overlooked Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities To Know About

There are few things more important than keeping your company safe from data breaches and digital security leaks. Identifying threats and embracing cybersecurity risk management is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your business, especially now that cybercriminals are employing more complex attack methods. Explore a few overlooked cybersecurity vulnerabilities to know about and learn how you can prevent them. By doing so, you’ll be better equipped to safeguard your business against potential threats.

Employee Training and Awareness

One of the most significant areas of improvement in cybersecurity is the human factor. Often, employees unintentionally act as the weakest link within a company when it comes to data protection. Businesses need to prioritize cybersecurity awareness training, covering topics such as phishing and social engineering attacks, password security, and acceptable usage policies. By creating a culture of security awareness within your organization, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of a cyber incident stemming from human error.

Third-Party Vendor Security

Many businesses rely on third-party vendors for services such as payment processing, data storage, and software solutions. However, companies may feel that they have limited control over external parties and forget to revoke certain types of access. To mitigate this risk, enforce strict security policies for third-party vendors, ensuring that they maintain robust security measures that meet industry standards, such as encryption and access control. Additionally, agreements with vendors should include clauses that hold them responsible for any security breaches on their end.

PLC Devices

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are great for automating processes and controls in many industries. Unfortunately, their interconnectivity, especially with the internet, leaves them open to cyberattacks. This can result in operational disruption and financial loss if compromised. Protecting your PLC devices from cyber risks should involve regular firmware updates, network segmentation, establishing strong authentication protocols, and continuous monitoring of the device’s activity. Implementing these strategies can help reduce the vulnerability of your PLC devices and improve overall cybersecurity.

Insider Threats

Cybersecurity weaknesses aren’t only external; they can originate from within your organization as well. These are among the most overlooked cybersecurity vulnerabilities and can lead to more severe repercussions for the entire company. Insider threats can occur when employees or other individuals with legitimate access to your systems and data intentionally compromise your business’s security. To address this issue, businesses should establish strict access controls, monitor employee activities, and implement a comprehensive background screening process during the hiring phase.

Irregular Security Audits

Many businesses fail to conduct regular security audits, which significantly compromises their cyber defenses. Running periodic security inspections can help you identify potential vulnerabilities, assess the effectiveness of your security measures, and implement necessary improvements. Proactively addressing these issues will put you in a better position to avoid many common security issues entirely.

Business owners must stay vigilant to identify and address overlooked cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Simply knowing about the potential pitfalls can help you take preventative measures and drastically reduce the likelihood that your company falls victim to cybercriminals. Don’t wait for disaster to strike—act today to protect your business from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

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