Managing the Overall Wellbeing of Your Employed Drivers

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Running a business is much more than simply paying the bills of your drivers on a monthly basis and sending them on their way. Being a well-respected employer is only possible if you genuinely show support and deep understanding for your workers. Most importantly, if you want to retain your workforce and create an enjoyable environment for them you also need to look after them as much as possible. This largely comes down to protecting the overall health and wellbeing of everyone on your team and creating a positive experience for them too. As soon as you start to prioritize their health and wellbeing, you’ll start to notice an improvement in driver retention and overall efficiency in your business.

So many business owners believe that’s enough to pay their drivers a decent wage and they’ll be happy enough in their job. However, there are numerous factors that go into cultivating a positive workforce who actually want to do a good job. Employee satisfaction is only possible when you put wellbeing first, especially in the trucking industry. Not to mention, your business is going to be more appealing to top talent in your sector and it will begin to overtake close competitors in your sector. With this in mind, here are a handful of methods to help you manage the health and wellbeing of your drivers so that they always feel taken care of whilst working as an employee within your company.

Your Duty of Care to Your Drivers

The term “wellbeing” can be very difficult to categorize, especially when it comes to being in your place of work. Ultimately, it comes down to having a positive balance between the demands of your work life, your personal health, social life and family life. Being able to find this healthy blend between all aspects in your life can create a happy and healthy driver that ultimately thrives in their place of work.

As an employer of truckers and drivers, you have a basic duty of care for the welfare of your team. This is not only to ensure they feel safe, but it also meets a number of legal requirements too. Your duty of care is not simply about ticking boxes and staying on the right side of the law either, it can also enhance the repetition of your brand and build a loyal workforce who works hard for your business.

If you neglect your employees and choose not to put their health and wellbeing at the forefront, this may have numerous negative impacts on the day to day operations of your business. Your drivers may feel demotivated, disrespected and unlikely to remain loyal to your company. When you spend time and energy training up your employees, you want to hold onto them as long as possible. This means that you always need to keep the future in mind and keep them happy whilst they work for you. Creating a place of work that people want to stay in will keep your costs to a minimum and reduce staff turnover too.

Providing a Supportive and Professional Environment

It is evident that providing a supportive and professional environment is key to unlocking a healthy employee who wants to do their very best whilst working in your company. Ultimately, it’s you who sets the rules, the standards and the culture in your workplace, so why not make things simple? Establish a mutual level of respect and create an environment where everyone feels trusted and part of a team. You could start off by considering this card for small businesses so that your fleet feels a sense of freedom and responsibility when they’re out on the job. Although you will still have full control over fuel payments, it allows them to get their job done effectively. These types of ideas should always be considered when you’re running a trucking business, as it not only provides you with an easy to follow tracking system for fuel spending, but it also gives your employees ownership of each job too.

The Importance of Rest and Quality of Sleep

When your drivers rely on their energy levels and focus for their job, it cannot be stressed how important their rest days are. One of the most important wellbeing needs is high quality sleep and rest as a driver, so how can you factor this into your management style? You need to take a proactive approach when it comes to training your employees, so that they understand how to care for themselves whilst working. Bringing in specialist guest speakers and providing your workers with the knowledge they need to create healthy and safe habits whilst on the road is vital for their overall wellbeing.

Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone who is working in a physical role such as a trucker needs to adopt a healthy lifestyle that is beneficial to them on a daily basis. This isn’t just about eating well balanced meals and undertaking regular exercise, it’s also about meeting their emotional needs too. Making sure they have a social life and are staying in touch with friends and family will ultimately improve their wellbeing.

Identifying Needs and Making Changes

Having the ability to listen to the needs of your workforce is so important. If you aren’t acutely aware of what your team is saying to you, you won’t be able to take care of their wellbeing. Whether you’re paying closer attention to their work schedules and turnaround times, or you’re taking note of your drivers’ opinions on rewards and recognition, there are so many ways in which you can show your appreciation for your drivers.

Keeping Morale High

When your drivers are used to doing long routes and undertaking demanding schedules, it’s so important to keep morale as high as possible. This can only be achieved if you take their wellbeing seriously as it’s the backbone of their physical and mental health. There are so many benefits that go hand in hand with improving team morale, especially when your drivers don’t get to spend too much time together during their working day. Offering regular team building days and activities will not only give everyone in your workforce a sense of belonging, but it will also keep their motivation levels high too.

To Conclude

As you can see, there are a plethora of methods that can help you to put your best foot forward and manage your team in a way that puts their health first. One of your main roles as an employer is to ensure that you always have your drivers’ best interests at heart so that they are happy, safe and comfortable as they carry out their job. Whether you’re providing them with a simple way to top up on fuel to take the stress away, or you’re opening up the lines of communication with your drivers, there are so many ways you can make a genuine impact on their wellbeing.

Hopefully, this provides you with the opportunity to try out some of these methods for yourself so that your drivers start to reap the benefits. There may be some ideas that feel more relevant than others with regards to your business. Taking action and understanding the points of view of your workers will ultimately give you an advantage when it comes to enhancing their wellbeing. Soon enough, you will have a team of drivers that feel valued, taken care of and well-respected in their place of work.

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