Safe Online Payment Methods for Online Casinos in 2024

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When you play at an online casino in Canada, you want to know that your money is in the safest hands possible. This is why it is essential that you gamble with an online platform that uses safe payment methods.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the vast majority of safe payment methods used by online casinos in Canada. This is not a complete list since new payment methods are being introduced all the time. However, if you want to stay safe while you’re gambling online, then we suggest that you only use online casinos that use the following payment methods and, of course, stick to these payment methods when you’re gambling online.


InstaDebit is a Canada-only payment method. It was originally introduced to make transactions between your bank account and the online casino much smoother and secure. While it isn’t an especially popular payment method nowadays, it does retain some of its security.

InstaDebit processes almost instantly at most online casinos, and you should have the cash sitting in your bank account within a couple of days. 

The reason why people love InstaDebit so much is because they do not have to do anything special to use the payment method. They just need their bank account details. There is no need to set up a separate bank account, etc. It is just so smooth.


Interac is probably one of the top payment methods for people living in Canada, this means that by extension casinos that accept Interac are something players seek out.

Interac allows quick, easy, bank account to bank account transfers. You don’t even need to share your bank account details. It can all be done with a mobile number and an email address. It is incredibly simple, and the lack of needing to share personal details makes Interac very quick.

While the speed of Interac will vary from online casino to online casino, most transfers should be processed instantly. In theory, you should receive your money securely in just a few hours.

Most online casinos in Canada accept Interac as a payment method. However, some sites are better than others. Here are the most popular:

  • JustCasino 
  • Casino Extreme
  • Skycrown
  • Playamo Casino
  • BetOnRed Casino

Each of these online casinos brings something a little bit different to the table, especially when it comes to games, so we suggest that you head to each of them and have a look around. This way, you’ll get a feel for whether this online casino is right for you.

Remember – you can also withdraw cash from your account using Interac, which makes it an incredibly popular payment method. If you’re Canadian, you probably know how to use Interac already, so why not go and check out a few of these top online casinos now? We promise you won’t regret it!

Bank Transfer

Before we had the likes of Interac, we had the good old bank transfer. This is still the main way cash is sent from bank account to bank account in Canada. You do need the bank details of the person you are sending cash to (although, you don’t need their details if they send you cash), and the money will land directly into your account.

Because Interac has overtaken bank transfer at online casinos for bank account to bank account transfers, you probably won’t find many online casinos offering it nowadays. Those that do will have slower withdrawal speeds for bank transfers, with some transactions taking upward of 3 days.

Bank transfer is a safe payment method, but it is one that we only recommend if you have no other option at your disposal i.e. you are transferring money from a non-Canadian account, or something similar to that. It just isn’t worth it.


PayPal is a digital e-wallet. This means that it is an account that can hold cash, your bank account details, card details, etc. You can use it to make payments to online casinos, as well as withdraw from online casinos. 

PayPal is an incredibly secure payment method. This means that you do not have to worry about having anybody take your cash. It is also a fast payment method. Casino to PayPal transfers almost always take under an hour (virtually instant).

We highly recommend that anybody gambling online has a PayPal account. This is because the PayPal account will allow you to deposit/withdraw cash using payment methods that are not normally supported by the online casino.


In the past, PayPal did not handle gambling transactions at all. However, it has recently started to loosen the rules a little bit related to this. When PayPal didn’t exist in the casino market, Skrill was the go-to e-wallet for those that wanted to gamble at online casinos. While it is nowhere near as popular as it was in the past, Skrill is still a viable alternative when PayPal is not accepted.

Skrill has the same advantages that PayPal has. This means that it can be used for fast withdrawals from your account. You can also tie multiple payment methods to your Skrill account, meaning that you can use multiple payment methods at your selected online casino.

Credit and Debit Cards

This is a very traditional payment method at online casinos. Credit/debit card transactions online are much more secure than they used to be. Due to the multiple layers of security in place, the casino will never be able to see your card details. They also won’t be stored anywhere.

Credit and debit cards often have fees attached to them when you use them to deposit online. This is because the casino is charged each time it accepts a credit and debit card payment, and this charge is passed onto the customer. This means that you may not want to use them that often. It would actually be better to attach a credit or debit card to a PayPal or Skrill account and deposit that way instead. At most online casinos, it would also probably end up being cheaper.

Remember – you won’t be able to withdraw money to your credit or debit card. So, you will need to have another withdrawal method in place if you’re planning on gambling online. We recommend using Interac.


Paysafecard is very similar to a prepaid debit card. However, rather than sharing a debit card number when you use it, you share your Paysafecard code. It is meant to be a lot more secure. You can top up a Paysafecard at various grocery stores throughout Canada, and online.

Paysafecard has become a popular deposit method for those that want to pay cash into a Paysafecard account (at one of the many supported grocery stores), and then deposit this money into their online casino account.

It is a secure payment method but do bear in mind that Paysafecard does not support withdrawals. This means that you’ll need a different withdrawal method when you are gambling online.


This is another service that is similar to Interac and is supported by all the five major banks. One of the major advantages of iDebit is that it is a real time payment system. This means that if a payment is sent by iDebit, it will be processed instantly. When you use iDebit for transfers, cash could be in your account incredibly quickly.

Most online casinos nowadays will support iDebit, and there is no need for you to set up a separate payment account for it. As long as your bank is supported, and the online casino accepts iDebit, then you should be good to go!


Finally, we have MuchBetter, who are an official partner of Spanish football club Real Betis. This is an e-wallet similar to Skrill and PayPal, although it is targeted at the Canadian market. One of the major benefits is that it can be used easily with mobile casinos once you’ve installed the app.

Like most e-wallets, MuchBetter will allow you to tie multiple payment methods to your account, and the withdrawals should be virtually instant. You can deposit and withdraw using your MuchBetter account. 


Remember – an online payment solution may be secure, but it is only as secure as the website that you are using. This is why investing in a VPN might be a good idea as well, to give yourself a little bit more protection on top. While, legally, people in Canada can gamble at any online platform they want, we highly recommend that you stick only to casinos running within Canada. You’ll get a good amount of extra protection, which should ensure that your money stays safe.

We highly suggest that you do your research when searching for an online casino. Make sure that you read through reviews, check the supported payment methods, and look for withdrawal speeds. You might also want to pay attention to the number of casino games that they have available, plus the casino’s bonuses offers.

If you scroll back up to the list of Interac casinos, you’ll find some of the top places to gamble in Canada. For us, these are the best places to gamble, and it is where you’ll find us spending most of our time.

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