Interesting and powerful weapons in the third season of MW3

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) represents one of the most popular games in the “Call of Duty” series, offering players an intense multiplayer experience with a rich selection of weapons. In MW3, players can access a wide arsenal of firearms, including Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, SMG, Shotgun, LMG, Marksman Rifle, Sniper Rifle and Pistol. Each weapon type has unique characteristics such as rate of fire, damage, accuracy, and recoil, allowing players to choose the right weapon for different gaming situations. MW3 also features a mod system that allows you to customize your weapons to suit your play style, making every fight fun and varied. Unlocking modifiers is a long and labor-intensive task, but some players use MW3 boosting, to get all the upgrades for their favorite weapons quickly.

What is the current meta?

The weapon meta in MW3 describes popular and effective weapon strategies prevalent among players at a particular time. In MW3, the meta is constantly changing due to the balance of weapons, patches, and updates made by the developers. There are nine strong weapons, in my opinion, in this season, that you should try out.

The best weapons  in the third season of MW3 according to the author opinion

XRK Stalker

This is a powerful sniper rifle that was added in the first season of the game. It was popular due to her destructive power, which made it possible to destroy almost all of HP. After the update in the third season, it made it possible to kill enemies with one shot to the head, which is very important for accurate players. You can build a large number of builds depending on the game mode, focusing on effective range or increase ADS speed & higher mobility.

One of the  effective loadouts: 

  • Sonic suppressor XL muzzle. 
  • FSS OLE-V laser.
  • No stock.
  •  .50 cal high grain rounds ammunition. 
  • XRK Stalker light bolt.

Rival-9 (SMG)

 At first glance, this weapon may seem weak, because it has relatively low damage and short range, but that’s not true. The Rival-9 has a relatively small spread, making it manageable in combat. This submachine gun is often chosen by players who prefer an aggressive playstyle and melee combat due to its high rate of fire and mobility. However, as with any weapon in the game, the Rival-9’s effectiveness depends on the player’s skill and combination with other pieces of equipment and game tactics.

One of the effective loadouts: 

  • L4R flash hider.
  • Rival-C clearshot barrel.
  • EXF close quarters assault stock. 
  • SL skeletal vertical grip.
  • Rival Vice assault grip.


The HRM-9 is another submachine gun. It also has a high rate of fire and moderate damage, making it effective from short to medium ranges, but less effective at longer ranges.

One of the effective loadouts: 

  • ZEHMN35 compensated flash hider. 
  • Princeps long barrel.
  • folding stock. 
  • DR-6 handstop. 
  • PCS-90 assault grip.

FJX Horus (SMG)

This is a new weapon that appeared in the third season and replaced the WSP Swarm. This weapon is very useful for players who like to shoot from the hip or use a tactical stance. Use it on maps with short distances.

One of the effective loadouts: 

  • ZEHMN35 compensated flash hider.
  • Martis heavy barrel. 
  • JAK glassless optic. 
  • 48 round mag.
  • LULL-9M grip.


Ram 9 in the third season, like other SMGs, cannot boast of accuracy over vast distances, but its large supply of ammunition and rate of fire allows you to kill the enemy in closed locations. One of the popular weapons in current meta.

One of the effective loadouts: 

  • Shadowstrike suppressor S.
  • Hunker-5 stock Pad.
  • Recon comb,.
  • FTAC MSP-98 handstop. 
  • Haste XV grip tape.

MCW (assault rifle)

This is a powerful rifle in the game that is in the meta at the moment. It has huge damage and high effective range. Its disadvantages are a lack of mobility and ineffectiveness at close ranges compared to the SMG.

One of the  effective loadouts: 

  • Zehmn35 compensated flash hider, 
  • Second Line mammoth heavy barrel, 
  • Jak glassless optic, 
  • Jak raven kit, 
  • Blackout high grain rounds.

BP50 (assault rifle)

This is an interesting weapon that appeared with the release of the second season. Modular rifle of 5.56 mm caliber with a bullpup layout. With a high rate of fire and exceptional accuracy, it outperforms its competitors at medium and long ranges. She occupies a leading position in the meta among her class, which is reflected in her popularity.

One of the  effective loadouts: 

  • Shadowstrike suppressor, 
  • Lore-9 heavy barrel, 
  • Moat-40 stock, 
  • DR-6 handstop, 
  • Trst-IV grip tape.

SVA 545 (assault rifle)

The SVA 545 is an interesting rifle with high ergonomics, accuracy and recoil control. Has an average firing range, but you can increase it. This distance is enough to take part in 90% of skirmishes and win.

One of the  effective loadouts: 

  • Shadowstrike suppressor, 
  • Jak glassless optic, 
  • Mane V6 stock, 
  • XRK Edge BW-4 handstop, 
  • Demo 650 grip.

BAS-B (battle rifle)

The BAS-B has less convenience and ammo capacity than the SVA 545. It has high accuracy and damage, making it effective at medium to long ranges. However, due to its heavy weight and large size, it may not be the most convenient choice for fast and mobile gaming. BAS-B can be a good choice for players who prefer a slow and methodical playstyle, focusing on accuracy and damage.

One of the  effective loadouts: 

  • Wyvern’s Respite long barrel, 
  • Mk. 3 reflector, 
  • Sawed Off mod, 
  • DR-6 handstop, 
  • Jak Outlaw-277 kit.

Boost services in MV3

If you want to play with some of these weapons but you don’t unlock  them or don’t have the right modifiers, you can use cod mw3 boosting. Boosting services for Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) offer players the opportunity to quickly enhance their in-game progress by unlocking weapons, achievements, and other features without the need to invest extensive time and effort. These services typically come at a price, with providers offering various packages tailored to the specific needs of players. The MW3 boost price can vary depending on the provider and the specific services offered.


Don’t be upset if your favorite weapon is not on this list, because that doesn’t make it bad. Each player has his weapon  which  is comfortable for playing. For a change, you can try out new weapons for you and perhaps some of them will suit your needs.

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