Top 5 Gadgets to Avoid Getting the Flu

Take a look at the top five gadgets that can prevent you from ever getting flu again.

Nowadays, technology can really be considered a life-saver – there are some gadgets can help your life be more convenient and hassle-free while there are other gadgets that can literally save your life.

Of course, with all these talks about gadgets and diseases, what better way to start the first month of the year by focusing on gadgets that display both fun and function in all their features? And considering that it’s already flu season, why don’t we go ahead and tackle these amazing flu-prevention gadgets? Are they cool enough to help us stay healthy?

Gadget #1: Logitech Washable Keyboard

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Hey, when life happens and germs arise, the only thing that you can do is to wash your keyboard with soap and water, wipe it dry and use it over and over again. With this washable gadget, you can say goodbye to flu germs and hello to cleanliness. You don’t even need to worry about your letters fading away – the characters are laser printed and UV coated for all your hardcore typing needs.

Gadget #2: Nano UV Disinfectant Scanner

The official website states that this nifty gadget is:

Designed to safely kill harmful surface microorganisms* (bacteria: E. Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Salmonella Typhimurium ;viruses: H1N1) using proven UV Light technology in a compact and handheld device.

It also boasts that it’s more efficient compared to the UV disinfecting gadgets used in most hospitals as it can destroy 99% of the aforementioned microorganisms in just 10 seconds! Would you buy it?