The Biography of Leonid Shaiman and Research Breakthroughs of the European Medical Center

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Leonid Shaiman is a versatile entrepreneur and co-owner of GEMC. He has recently been the inspiration and driving force behind scientific research at European Medical Center (EMC), which is considered the best premium medical facility in the country. This article will outline the key milestones in Leonid Shaiman’s biography and some of the most significant research achievements at EMC.

Biographical Facts

Born in 1956, Leonid Shaiman graduated with honors from the State Institute of Physical Culture. After working as an ice hockey coach for several years, he ventured into business in 1991.

Leonid Shaiman has succeeded in various business sectors, including mobile cellphone communications and the manufacturing of juices and alimentary products. Working in the latter, he gained extensive international experience. However, over the past 15 years, Shaiman has focused on the premium-class medical business. His first venture in this field was the successful establishment of the Avicenna Clinic in Novosibirsk during the 1990s.

Leonid Shaiman actively engages in charitable projects, supporting the construction of religious institutions, the creation of historical and cultural monuments, and providing educational and healthcare services for children with special needs.

Mission and Target Patients of EMC

In 2008, Leonid Shaiman and his partners acquired the European Medical Center with the aim of offering high-quality healthcare services locally, eliminating the need for patients to travel abroad for treatment. EMC provides comprehensive care throughout patients’ lives, establishing itself as the leading provider in the country’s premium medical segment. While some medical businesses provide a similar range of services, they do not operate in the premium segment.

According to Leonid Shaiman, EMC caters to both local and expat populations, becoming a top choice for health maintenance among foreigners. Top medical professionals from various countries work at the facility. 

EMC not only enhances people’s well-being, but also presents lucrative investment opportunities. Its rapid pace of innovation integration is compared by experts to that of tech giants such as Google, making it an attractive prospect for investors seeking innovation in the medical field. 

Research and Patents

Under the leadership of Leonid Shaiman, GEMC has received several patents for its groundbreaking scientific discoveries. 

One notable patent for a method of treating recurrent malignant gliomas in the brain was developed by Alexey Krivoshapkin, Head of the Neurosurgery Department. This method involves the removal of intracranial tumor from the patient’s brain followed by the insertion of a spherical balloon for electron brachytherapy, a form of radiation therapy. A single radiation treatment session is performed using this revolutionary method.

Another significant patent is for diagnosing breast cancer at an early stage using magnetic resonance imaging, credited to Irina Vasilyeva, Head of the Mammology Department. It is the only diagnostic method that allows professionals to identify a tumor at the initial stage. They get a chance to timely prescribe the right treatment, thereby saving the patient’s life. It is the most precise diagnostic method in the world that has proved the highest efficiency in tens of thousands of cases. Typically, with such a diagnosis, the average life expectancy does not exceed six months. The patented method significantly prolongs it.

In an interview with Forbes, Irina Vasilyeva outlined the EMC policies toward addressing breast conditions: “We advocate for organ-sparing surgeries and try to preserve as much breast tissue as we can. Breast conservation allows patients to enjoy a fuller life. It also involves fewer subsequent reconstructive procedures. Our patients come to the clinic one day before the surgery, and they are discharged the day after. We welcome their loved ones to visit them in the post-operative ward. We aim to make people feel comfortable and at ease. Short hospital stays contribute to a quick recovery and speedy rehabilitation.”

The Significance of EMC to Its Cofounder

Leonid Shaiman regards EMC as a pivotal element of his biography and one of his most successful projects, alongside the juice manufacturing company Nidan. However, he acknowledges that EMC presents greater challenges due to its innovative and science-intensive nature, coupled with the critical importance of human expertise. Despite systemic obstacles in healthcare, Shaiman has successfully navigated EMC to prominence in the medical branch.

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