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Carrera Unveils “Carrera Hybrid” at CES – The Latest Innovation in Slot Car Racing

Carrera just blew the roof off CES 2024 with their latest slot car racing innovation – the Carrera Hybrid. Think you know slot racing? Think again. Forget about sticking to your lane – with Carrera Hybrid, the track is your oyster. Go rogue and switch lanes mid-race thanks to the genius of AI support, making your racing dreams more real and fun than you ever thought possible.

Come Q4 2024, two diabolically amazing sets will hit the shelves: “Devil Drivers” and “Speedway to Hell.” Each colorful set includes two crazy cool cars. “Devil Drivers” offers the fiery red “Red Devil” and the pitch-black “Black Devil,” while “Speedway to Hell” brings the poison green “Greeno” and the neon yellow “Grello” to the party. But that’s not all – we’re talking high-speed straights, nerve-wracking bends, and a start/end straight, all of which can be mixed and matched for an ever-changing racing thrill.

Ready to get started? No waiting for batteries – they’re rechargeable and built into the cars. Plus, USB-charging cables are included, so you can get your race on instantly. And the control? It’s all in your smartphone, compatible with both iOS and Android. The intuitive design of the app, echoing the cockpit of a real racing car, lets you steer by tilting your phone, with on-screen buttons for the accelerator and brake.

And here’s the kicker. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, Carrera Hybrid has you covered with two modes of play. Beginner mode offers an easy intro, while the expert mode will keep even the most experienced racers on their toes. For more info, check out Get set for the race of your life!

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