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What the End of Internet Explorer 11 Means for You

Internet Explorer 11 is no more, but what’s next?

Microsoft recently halted its support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) which has been around since the 90s. With more advanced and competitive browsers like Mozilla and Chrome taking center stage, only a handful of people still use IE11. 

As a result, Microsoft has redirected its focus to the modern Edge browser. But what should you do if you relied on Internet Explorer 11?

Impact of Internet Explorer 11’s Discontinuity

In June 2022, Microsoft ceased its support for Internet Explorer 11. Everything associated with the browser has now been updated to the more advanced Edge. Sure, the classic IE logo will still appear on your taskbar but clicking it will redirect you to Edge. 

The change might be overwhelming, especially for the elderly who had a relationship with IE11. Moving your information from one browser to the other would be a hassle. 

Users will struggle with the IE11 browser in the future if they don’t update to Microsoft Edge. Similarly, enabling Windows updates will automatically disable IE11 in the future update, meaning you’ll have to use a different browser. 

Nevertheless, you can still perform web searches with Internet Explorer 11 if you rarely update your PC or use an outdated Windows version. You can transfer your IE11 data to Edge or stick to the former to maintain access to old apps. In the same way, web developers can still access their websites and legacy apps. 

Microsoft maintains that the discontinuation will not affect the MSHTML engine, Server, IE11 apps, and Windows 10 LTSC. 

Best Internet Explorer 11 Alternatives

The browser’s discontinuation may disappoint users, but luckily there’re plenty of replacement options online. You’ll surely find a reasonable alternative that delivers even better results depending on your device. 

Popular alternatives include Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. If you own macOS/iOS device, try out Apple Safari. 

It’s worth noting that Microsoft Edge has an IE11 compatibility mode meaning that you can set it to the IE user interface and experience. Simply launch the Microsoft Edge browser, go to “Settings,” and activate the “Internet Explorer Mode.”

Internet Explorer 11 Is Gone Forever

The sudden Internet Explorer 11 retirement on June 15, 2022, left people stranded on the next browsing move. Microsoft automatically replaced the browser with Microsoft Edge, but you can opt for Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and the like. While you can still access IE11 manually, its successor is faster and more secure.

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