Hypothesis: “return to horror high”-a good ol’ fashioned janitor’s revenge tale!

Hypothesis: “Return to Horror High”-a good ol’ fashioned Janitor’s revenge tale!

Oh ho, I’ve done it this time. I’ve really stumbled onto something great, I can tell. “Return to Horror High” looks like the kind of cheese that comes compressed in a can, and friends? I am here for it. The trailer suggests that someone bought a mask from a dollar store-the plain, white kind that…

Conclusion: ‘hell night’ or “just because linda blair is in it, doesn’t mean it’s good”

Conclusion: ‘Hell Night’ Or “Just Because Linda Blair Is in It, Doesn’t Mean It’s Good”

Before we enter the shaming portion of our program, let’s all remember – and fondly -that I did guarantee that Linda Blair would be the final girl of Hell Night. Call it a spoiler if you must, friends, for a 39 year old movie (were you REALLY going to watch it?) but since my victories…

Hypothesis v. 2. 0 – ‘hell night’ or ‘halloween’ for beginners

Hypothesis v. 2.0 – ‘Hell Night’ or ‘Halloween’ for Beginners

I made a mistake. Mea culpa and all that, and I’m ready to own it. I forgot that the unfortunate impact of the “side” aspect of “side hustle” is that sometimes things bustle in and you get off track. This, dear friends, was never my intention, but the summer reached chaotic heights, and time just…

Hypothesis: ‘the vault of horror’ – a ragtag group of miscreants tries to save a family cemetery? Maybe?

Hypothesis: ‘The Vault of Horror’ – a Ragtag Group of Miscreants Tries to Save a Family Cemetery? Maybe?

Welp. I’ve truly done it this time. Since the inception of this fun little idea of mine – still relatively infant, if you ask me – I’ve seen trailers that have inspired varying levels of enthusiasm, but few that have left me as completely and utterly baffled as The Vault of Horror. I’m a little…

Hypothesis: ‘apostle’ – dan stevens dies, but looks very handsome doing so

Hypothesis: ‘Apostle’ – Dan Stevens Dies, But Looks Very Handsome Doing So

Once more into the breach, dear friends, only this time the movie might be amazing. This week, I watched the trailer for Apostle, about which a word of clarification might be warranted, for anyone potentially following along at home. Under no circumstances should an article be attached to this title. It is but one word….

Conclusions: ‘castle freak’ doesn’t have to be a good movie to be a good time

Conclusions: ‘Castle Freak’ Doesn’t Have to Be a Good Movie to Be a Good Time

I re-learned a few things this week, of varying degrees of utility and relevance. Paramount, perhaps, in my re-education, is the fact that a holiday weekend donks up my schedule to high heaven, so unfortunately, my greatly anticipated viewing of Castle Freak got wildly eclipsed by Fourth of July merriment (if you guessed that I…

Conclusions: ‘knife+heart’ is the frenchiest french fest that ever frenched

Conclusions: ‘Knife+Heart’ Is the Frenchiest French Fest That Ever Frenched

And I was right. But also wrong. Nothing ever truly goes without saying, so loudly, emphatically and with all the gusto I can summon on a Thursday afternoon, allow me to shout “spoilers” to the ether, as one must, if they intend to discuss with any credibility, the finer points of a film, and more…

‘what we do in the shadows’ considers new recruits, citizenship in an episode that is fine

‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Considers New Recruits, Citizenship in an Episode That Is Fine

The newest episode of What We Do in the Shadows had an impossible task from the word “newest-episode-of-What-We-Do-in-the-Shadows” (I know it’s not one word, let’s not get precious!). The last episode was sublime. Beyond the guest stars, it incorporated threads that were traced back to earlier episodes, and felt narratively important. There was virtually no…

‘what we do in the shadows’ hits us with a million vampiric guest stars

‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Hits Us with a Million Vampiric Guest Stars

It will be difficult to discuss much about the most recent episode of What We Do in the Shadows beyond the absolute, sterling brilliance of the guest stars. The good news is that the plot is relatively streamlined to best showcase those guest stars. The bad news is none bad news. It’s all good news….