The umbrella academy’s third episode prioritizes relationships over action

The Umbrella Academy’s Third Episode Prioritizes Relationships Over Action

I am being, perhaps, a bit reductive – and I hope you can forgive it, should that prove to be the case – in saying that the superhero genre is primarily built on the backs of isolated do-gooders, working to protect the innocent, preserve the world, save the kittens, you get the idea. This isn’t…

True detective s3e7: penultimate episode leaves plenty of heavy lifting for the finale

True Detective S3E7: Penultimate Episode Leaves Plenty of Heavy Lifting for the Finale

There is only one episode left in season three of True Detective, and I think, at last, I may understand the mania that compels Wayne Hays. He is seeing the Purcell case through, not because he wants to or takes any real pleasure in it at this point, but because he needs to see how…

By episode 2, ‘the umbrella academy’ already knows exactly what show it is

By Episode 2, ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Already Knows Exactly What Show It Is

On the other side, now, having spent the weekend effectively binge-ing the whole of The Umbrella Academy, season one, I briefly considered letting myself off the episodic hook and writing an overview of the season as a whole. But that ultimately seemed like the coward’s way out and this is no country for the timid….

Six episodes in, ‘true detective’ may have more questions than answers

Six Episodes In, ‘True Detective’ May Have More Questions Than Answers

The problem with a show being so close to great that you can reach out and touch it, catch the hint on the tip of your tongue, is that the metric used to measure its quality becomes much more rigorous; the less we expect, the happier we are when something merely clears the bar. True…

‘pet sematary’ comes back, but it’s not the same in latest trailer

‘Pet Sematary’ Comes Back, But It’s Not the Same in Latest Trailer

I have watched the newest Pet Sematary trailer three times in the past two hours. I don’t know if that is a healthy number of times to watch a trailer, but I choose not to delve too deeply into the psychological implications of my compulsive re-watches. It’s legitimately great, which I’m going to count as…