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Which Netflix Subscription Plan Is Right for You?

We are now used to spending time on our various devices and checking out streaming content. We may browse around on Disney+, Paramount, Netflix, Showtime, or other streaming platforms. Many people are more aware of Netflix because it has been in the streaming business for a long time.

The firm went from shipping DVDs to taking content digital. Consumers were happy to switch from physical DVDs to a growing base of digital content that they could watch wherever they were.

If you are looking to Netflix plans and want to know which one is right for you, read on.

Netflix Subscription Options

Which Netflix subscription plan is the best for you? This is fantastic question to ask as you want to get the right plan. This allows you to pay the right amount for the best plan.

Remember, Netflix recently increased the charges on all streaming plans in the United States, with $3 mobile plans in the Philippines, Thailand, and India to open the door for subscribers wishing to watch content while on the go.

The Different Plans

Netflix has three subscription plans that come at different prices. But what is the right plan for you? Remember, you can share your Netflix account with your family and friends. Please read on:

Netflix Basic Plan
Netflix’s basic plan is the best option for you if you are a frugal individual looking for something inexpensive but would not want to miss out on anything on Netflix.

You will certainly not go wrong with the Netflix basic plan since it will only cost you $9.99 monthly. However, Netflix will impose limitations on the video quality, the number of devices to access the account, and the resolution with the basic plan.

The basic plan is great when using an old smartphone or TV. However, you will miss critical features like HD and Ultra HD resolution.

Netflix Standard Plan
This is the best plan for small groups. The standard plan is the best for people who seek to strike a balance between the three subscription plans available.

Remember, this is the most popular plan for Netflix users, giving you a few more entertainment options than the basic plan. Some of the benefits include:

  • The ability to stream on two gadgets simultaneously
  • Video quality boost
  • Better resolution than the basic plan

Watching your movies and TV shows in HD (720p to 1080p)
It will cost you $15.49 monthly to sign up for the standard plan. However, you will need a steady internet connection to watch everything in HD.

Netflix Premium Plan

Netflix premium is the best for families that are not worried about cost. It may also come in handy for people willing to share the account with more individuals.

The premium plan will cost you $19.99 monthly. The premium plan is a few steps ahead of the other subscriptions though expensive. You will get:

  • The best video quality (Ultra HD/4K)
  • Streaming on four screens – perfect for large families and multiple students sharing a house
  • Access to many programs

As you can see, the difference in the plans is the quality of content resolution and the number of devices that you can view the content on as well. What do you think, which plan on Netflix works for you?

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