9 Netflix TRICKS You Really Should Know By Now

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Netflix stands out among the most popular streaming services globally due to its different membership plans, offline playback feature, original programs, etc. It’s also easy to register and start enjoying your favorite series. 

While you can enjoy Netflix services without advanced know-how, there are a few tricks to improve the experience. Enhance your YouTube experience with the help of a YouTube caption generator like Simplified, which can effortlessly generate accurate captions for your videos, making them more accessible to a wider audience. Read on and discover nine amazing hacks to apply and get the most of your Netflix subscription. 

  1. Use Secret Codes

If you want more TV shows and movies than Netflix recommends, try using secret codes. Numerous codes help users find genres not shown on the main menu. 

For instance, the Netflix menu has the comedy genre, but if you want a specific genre such as dark comedy, you need to use code 869. 

  1. Download TV Shows and Movies

If you have a long trip in the coming days or your internet package is about to run out, you can download your favorite shows and watch them later while offline. This ensures that you are entertained whether you have a flight or visiting places with poor internet connection. You can use this hack on Amazon Fire OS, Windows 10, iOS, Android, etc. 

  1. Use VPN to Access Foreign Content

Netflix has different TV shows and movies catalog due to territorial licensing. This could be a significant disappointment if you enjoy foreign content. However, there is a possibility to access this and other content regardless of your location. 

The most effective way to do this is by installing a VPN on your device and activating it whenever you open content from a different country. It’s worth noting that Netflix easily detects free VPNs, so you better get a paid one to get off the hook. 

  1. Create A Profile for Every User

If you’re sharing your Netflix account, it’s advisable to set up a profile for each user. The streaming service allows up to five different profiles for one account, meaning that you can accommodate other people without paying more. 

Notably, different profiles for every user help keep everyone’s preferences separate, which is the right thing to do if other users include kids. Once you create a different profile for your child, things like Peppa Pig won’t appear in your recommendations when you’re actually searching for a horror film. Besides, you can set a PIN for your profile to prevent your child from accessing something that may be inappropriate for their age. 

  1. Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning simple keyboard shortcuts will help you quickly navigate through Netflix when watching a TV show or movie. You can quickly rewind, play, or pause the film through the shortcuts.

Below are five keyboard shortcuts to help you make quick actions on Netflix.

  1. S: Skip the introduction.
  2. Left/right arrow: rewind/fast forward.
  3. Space: pause/play.
  4. Up/down arrow: increase/decrease volume.
  5. F/Esc: fullscreen mode
  1. Use Netflix Party

This extension lets you watch TV shows and movies with friends online. The Netflix party can involve up to 50 people, and every participant must have an account. 

  1. Customize the Netflix Subtitles

If you want to read the Netflix subtitles comfortably, you can customize their appearance by changing the size, color, font, and shadow color. Here’s how.

  1. Open your Netflix account.
  2. Click on your profile picture.
  3. Go to “Account.”
  4. Click on your profile.
  5. Open “Settings.”
  6. Find “Subtitle Appearance.” 
  7. Click on “Change” next to it. 
  8. Make the necessary changes and click “Save.”
  1. Selectively Delete History

If you don’t want other people to see some of the episodes you’ve watched, you can remove them from your viewing history. Simply click on your account profile picture to see the drop-down menu. Go to “Account,” “Your Profile,” and then “Viewing activity.” A list of all your viewing history will appear. Locate the movie or TV show you want to remove and click the “no entry symbol.”

  1. Edit Continue Watching Row

The Continue Watching row lists all your unfinished TV shows and movies. But the list is likely to overflow with films you opened and abandoned after immediately realizing that they’re not that good. 

If you’re no longer interested in some of these films in the Continue Watching row, follow the steps below to remove them. 

  1. Open Netflix.
  2. Click on the “Continue Watching.”
  3. Locate the TV shows and movies that you no longer need. 
  4. Click on the three vertical dots beside each film. 
  5. Tap “Remove.”
  6. Click “OK” to confirm.

Enjoy Your Netflix Subscription

Use the hacks discussed here to customize Netflix and make it more fun. Applying the secret codes will let you locate your preferred genre while downloading content will keep you entertained even when offline. Similarly, the VPN hack will allow access to every content despite geographic restrictions. 

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