The second coming of fleabag

The Second Coming of Fleabag

With the new season of Fleabag edging towards our collective arseholes, you might be wondering how one could top such a lurid display as the first. The 6 episode flirtation with our glorious leader was equal parts beguiling and bedraggled. The very first scene that lit the fire anon: witnessing a late-night triste with a…

Jim jarmusch & the dead don’t die

Jim Jarmusch & The Dead Don’t Die

The director is going all out for his new movie, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! [youtube] Zombie plots have been hashed out many a time. From the B Movie roots of George A Romero’s Dawn of the Dead in 1978 to slicker submissions in Danny Boyles 28 Days Later in 2003….

What is wrong with ‘us’?

What Is Wrong With ‘Us’?

I am just going to come out and say it. I am not sure about Us. The new and eagerly anticipated horror from Director Jordan Peele is hot off the heels of critically acclaimed Get Out. The plot and execution of this horror garnered more plaudits and awards than is strictly usual. Understandably then, there…

10 times ‘after life’ taught us about hope

10 Times ‘After Life’ Taught Us About Hope

Returning to our screens with little or no kerfuffle (as Karl Pilkington would say) Gervais’ new vehicle After Life deals with the fallout of grief. After the death of his wife through breast cancer, Tony has nothing to lose but his life. And gladly would, were it not for his gorgeous dog. So! What to…

Emotional horror: trigger warnings at the ready

Emotional Horror: Trigger Warnings at the Ready

Horror is a dark bastion of the unshackled mind. Allowing access to shadowy intrusive thoughts bleeding out on to an unblemished page. It is a way of exorcising daemons without reprisal. Yet, when a true horror fan meets a non-fan, there is a sense that they are unhinged. Is there something lurking under that sinister…

Loops in time and the ‘russian doll’ effect

Loops in Time and the ‘Russian Doll’ Effect

Each of us has harboured a desire to go back and rewrite the past at some point. From bad arguments to bad decisions and fender benders, sometimes life deals a blow. One that could be dodged if you were forewarned, right? Perhaps this is why we have such fixations on this type of fiction. Time…

This was no ordinary cruise: kesha’s weird and wonderful rainbow ride

This Was No Ordinary Cruise: Kesha’s Weird and Wonderful Rainbow Ride

Pack your glitter, not a geriatric in sight! On the 17th February. The Norwegian Pearl set sail from Tampa, bound for the Bahamas. Passengers were no doubt excited to experience the on board entertainment, endless booze and food, and their destination: The Bahamas. But this was no ordinary cruise. This was a curated sailing city…

The kid who would be king: old tales for new tricks

The Kid Who Would Be King: Old Tales for New Tricks

Our planet’s narrative has taken some pretty shocking turns in the past decade. Weird things are happening around the world. Politics are more of a farce, our planet is in danger from environmental misuse, and leaders seem to be doing little about it. It is like our show has been cancelled. The writers of Earth…

Sex education: every day is a school day

Sex Education: Every Day is a School Day

It has been a month since the Netflix release of Sex Education, a show dedicated to discussing all things sexually awkward. The flood of discussions, reviews, memes, and hashtags arising tell many stories. People are in love and it is not hard to see why. The show celebrates difference in sexuality, otherness, and knowing yourself….