Meet bill mccormick, author and comic book creator | geek out virtual con 2020

Meet Bill McCormick, Author and Comic Book Creator | Geek Out Virtual Con 2020

Bill McCormick began professionally writing professionally in 1986 when he worked for Chicago Rocker Magazine in conjunction with his radio show on Z-95 (ABC-FM), going on to magazines before eventually transitioning into blogs. Then in 2011, his works were getting published and he’s been expanding his writing repertoire to include comic books, graphic novels, short…

Sci-fi and drama meld in the forthcoming film “fatherless”

Sci-Fi and Drama Meld in the Forthcoming Film “Fatherless”

Soon Sci-Fi fans and movie festival audiences will have the opportunity to view a wonderful new film starring Chad Eric Smith and Michael Mau and written and directed by William M. Crouch.  Smith is also the film’s co-producer, together the cast has made a movie that many are sure to enjoy. The film “Fatherless” depicts…

The subjects: the best ‘superhero’ movie you’ve probably never seen

The Subjects: The Best ‘Superhero’ Movie You’ve Probably Never Seen

It doesn’t have the big budget of The Avengers or The Dark Knight and there aren’t any Earth-hating Gods or aliens, but 2015’s The Subjects does bring a unique angle to the question “what superpower would you want to have?”  When seven people – oh wait… 8 people (ya gotta watch that Phil fellow) – show up…

February movie preview: ‘black’ and ‘grey’ for valentine’s day

February Movie Preview: ‘Black’ and ‘Grey’ for Valentine’s Day

I seem to remember February movies giving folks options for Valentine’s Day date nights. But for the last few years, the romance entries are limited. The only option in that genre this year would be Fifty Shades Freed. Peter Rabbit looks more romantic and that’s about frenemies who happen to be a farmer and a…

July movie preview: sun, sand and spider-man!

July Movie Preview: Sun, Sand and Spider-Man!

When I think about July movies, I think back to some of the biggest releases ever. The Dark Knight and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 immediately come to mind. These movies had the hype that drove crowds to midnight releases and multiple viewings. I don’t quite think July 2017 has such titles….

These “ambient geek sleep aids” will soothe your scifi-loving heart

These “Ambient Geek Sleep Aids” Will Soothe Your SciFi-Loving Heart

If you enjoy the ambient noises of space travel that run throughout SciFi film and TV hits, musician Cheesy Nirvosa (AKA Crysknife007) may be your new favorite composer. And/or if you are seeking out a new sleep aid or mellow relaxation soundtrack, the multihour pieces based off sounds like engine noises from Star Trek: The…

Lego stranger things: a mashup you never knew you needed until now

Lego Stranger Things: A Mashup You Never Knew You Needed Until Now

In case you finished Netflix’s Stranger Things series and feel a little nostalgic, Book Shelf Productions created a mini recap of the 80s inspired drama using Lego–yes, Lego.  Since the cliffhanger finale of season one, fans of the Netflix-original have been patiently awaiting the release of season two. But until then, the creators at Book Shelf…

Stranger things: if you’re not watching, you should be

Stranger Things: If You’re Not Watching, You Should Be

Set in suburban Indiana in 1983, Stranger Things is an eighties nostalgia thrill ride of teenage drama, science-fiction, and adventure. The series follows the family and friends of young Will Byers, who disappears one night after a game of Dungeons and Dragons at his friend’s house. While the police begin to search for Will, his…

The lack of diversity in science fiction

The Lack of Diversity in Science Fiction

Science Fiction is known as one of the most creative and exciting movie genres. It’s full of endless possibilities like alien lifeforms, exotic planets, killer robots, and time travel. The plot devices used in sci-fi allow for some of the most bizarre and unique events, adventures, and stories to be told. Even the most questionable…

Twilight begone! Fantasy fiction reclaims its throne

Twilight Begone! Fantasy Fiction Reclaims its Throne

Ten years ago, Stephanie Meyer unleashed upon the literary world the lukewarm, sub-par novel that not only brought Young Adult Fiction back to the main stage of publishing, but popularized glorifying teenage/abusive relationships. Since then, authors have been clamoring over themselves to make their mark in Meyer’s wake by reviving some other long-forgotten monsters of…

Sci-fi films that are under the radar

Sci-Fi Films That Are Under The Radar

We all know the classic sci-fi movies, but there have been just as many that have fallen under the radar. Some of them have a lot to offer. So let’s talk about some of these lesser known sci-fi movie gems. Night of the Comet  (1984) First up is Night of the Comet. The movie begins…