5 classic science fiction movies everyone needs to watch

5 Classic Science Fiction Movies Everyone Needs to Watch

They may not have the special effects of today, but these movies do have the magnetic lure of good storytelling, and most importantly, original storytelling. These 5 classic science fiction movies explore not only the cool blowing-stuff-up aspect of sci-fi movies (although they definitely do that too), but also the depths of human psychology. From…

December movie preview:  a late start on the holiday movie season

December Movie Preview: A Late Start on the Holiday Movie Season

Don’t let the title of this post fool you, when I say holiday movie season, I mean big studio blockbusters and critically acclaimed titles that may appear on the award show ballots. As for actual holiday themed movies, there are none. Not one single Christmas cartoon or rom-com will reach a wide audience this year….

Tomek baginski’s staggeringly ambitious plan: ambition

Tomek Baginski’s Staggeringly Ambitious Plan: Ambition

Adapt and survive; the theme surrounding director, Tomek Baginski’s newest sci-fi film, Ambition. But what do we really know about it? I have scoured the internet all week hoping to find something, anything about this film. I managed to find out it was premiering as part of the BFI’s sci-fi week, but not even on their…

Fiction: why do we love it?

Fiction: Why Do We Love It?

The Thrill Ah, the alternate universe. We fiction fans don’t want to be entertained with a story of morning coffee, a day at work, and then sleep. But throw superpowers, an apocalypse, a murder mystery, or some kind of zombie monsters in the mix and we’re in! Our lives are consistent, regular…usually boring compared to…

New draft of hitchhiker’s guide novel to be released

New Draft of Hitchhiker’s Guide Novel to be Released

Nothing is more exciting a diehard fan than more material coming out. In the case of a deceased author like Douglas Adams, such an event seems almost impossible, but it’s happening. Recently, an early draft of Life, the Universe, and Everything, a book in the inaccurately named Hitchhiker’s Trilogy was discovered by Adams’ biographer. The…

Futuristic sci-fi gadgets someone needs to invent asap

Futuristic Sci-Fi Gadgets Someone Needs to Invent ASAP

Everyone knows that science fiction can influence actual science and technology, as with Star Trek’s communicators possibly inspiring the cell phone. Unfortunately some of the cooler aspects of sci-fi might always remain fictional, existing only as plastic props or CGI. Neverthless, we can always hold out hope, and here are a few of the futuristic…