Lunch with lyndie greenwood

Lunch with Lyndie Greenwood

The Facts During my Comic-Con adventure in San Diego, I had the pleasure of having lunch and chatting with Lyndie Greenwood, thanks to the awesome folks over at Arch Enemy Entertainment. Lyndie is an actress originally from Toronto, Canada. She plays Jenny Mills, sister of Lieutenant Abbie Mills in the TV series Sleepy Hollow on…

Will youtube trolls come back thanks to google+ name policy change?

Will YouTube Trolls Come Back Thanks to Google+ Name Policy Change?

The recent change in the name policy for Google+ has sparked a great deal of controversy in relation to trolls and anonymity. According to Google’s announcement from July 15th of the changes, they took place because of all of the feedback they have received about how unclear and disliked the previous name policies have been,…

Kickstarters of the week: coolest cooler and ssssspeaker

Kickstarters of the Week: Coolest Cooler and SSSSSpeaker

Coolest Cooler If you’ve been looking for the most tricked out cooler that still embodies a sleek and sophisticated design, then the Coolest Cooler is right up your alley. It comes complete with a weatherproof Bluetooth speaker, battery rechargeable blender, USB charger for devices on the go, LED light inside the lid (which opens in…

Behind the scenes: comics with rashad doucet

Behind the Scenes: Comics with Rashad Doucet

Last month, Jey Odin, creator of Chicken Fighter  from Antarctic Press, drew Burrito about me as ‘Apocalypse Jessie’ and had it published on USA Today as a surprise birthday present. I started thinking about what it takes an idea stemming from things like a conversation, daydream, or random thought and developing it into a marketable story….

6 movies about our present & near future…from the past

6 Movies About Our Present & Near Future…From the Past

How accurate were these flicks at predicting our technology, government conspiracies, and entertainment? 1. Back to the Future Part II (1989) We all know this one: by 2015 we should be dressing like the kids from the Disney channel Xenon movies—spandex is becoming suspiciously popular on college girls. We should also have hover boards and street…

Blizzard releases alpha testing for wow: warlords of draenor

Blizzard Releases Alpha Testing For WoW: Warlords of Draenor

The Warlords of Draenor expansion Alpha testing began on Wednesday, June 5th for select players. The fifth expansion pack for WoW, this is the first to primarily function before the main timeline of the game, and also is part of a timeline that moves away from the original. Features Among the new features, the stat…

Fiction: why do we love it?

Fiction: Why Do We Love It?

The Thrill Ah, the alternate universe. We fiction fans don’t want to be entertained with a story of morning coffee, a day at work, and then sleep. But throw superpowers, an apocalypse, a murder mystery, or some kind of zombie monsters in the mix and we’re in! Our lives are consistent, regular…usually boring compared to…

Joss whedon: fandom inspiring character development

Joss Whedon: Fandom Inspiring Character Development

Joss Whedon’s TV shows and movies are notorious for inspiring intense fandoms. Shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse, and movies like The Avengers are all in part a product of Whedon’s unique approach to dialog and character development. For his accomplishments, Wesleyan University gave him an honorary Doctorate of Letters, a…

Quicksilver: gone too soon?

Quicksilver: Gone Too Soon?

For those of you who have seen X-Men: Days of Future Past, you may have been shocked at Quicksilver’s wonderful portrayal. Most fans seemed skeptical after the release of his character’s feature cover. For those of you who haven’t this article is full of spoilers. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. The Look Peter Maximoff’s…