Lunch with Lyndie Greenwood

The Facts

During my Comic-Con adventure in San Diego, I had the pleasure of having lunch and chatting with Lyndie Greenwood, thanks to the awesome folks over at Arch Enemy Entertainment. Lyndie is an actress originally from Toronto, Canada. She plays Jenny Mills, sister of Lieutenant Abbie Mills in the TV series Sleepy Hollow on Fox, which first aired in fall 2013. Lyndie has also appeared in Nikita, Saving Hope, Covert Affairs, Lost Girl, among other TV series and movies. Sleepy Hollow follows Ichabod Crane, former captain in the Revolutionary War, after being torn into the 21st century in order to prevent the apocalypse. Abbie and Frank Irving help Ichabod to unravel the mysteries and the events within the small town of Sleepy Hollow and its inhabitants.

Before Acting, There Was….Kung Fu?!

Lyndie originally got a degree in Biology from the University of Toronto in 2006; during her time at the university, she realized that she wanted to do something different. A testament to her diverse interests, she also used to train in Kung Fu. Although she doesn’t actively train in the art anymore, she said she liked the discipline that it taught her, .  Her training in Kung Fu is a large part of what she says lead to the start of her acting career. While figuring out what she wanted to do, she was asked to play a role in a low-budget Kung Fu action movie, which she says was one giant fight scene in a park about two martial arts groups fighting.

If She Wasn’t Acting…

She learned that she loved the art of acting, and began taking classes that eventually lead to where she is now in her career. Lyndie said that eventually she would like to learn more about the production side of filmmaking, and plans to study the camera and production work while on the set of Sleepy Hollow. Before her acting career began in full, Lyndie also completed the first two levels of certification to become a sommelier. She said that if she wasn’t acting now, she would be off touring France; tasting and learning about fine wines.

Comic-Con Fun

While in San Diego for Comic-Con, Lyndie said that she loved all of the thoughtful questions fans of Sleepy Hollow asked during the panel and signing. All of the #sleepyheads apparently made the cast feel very welcome and loved. And to prove just how down-to-earth Lyndie is, the craziest thing that happened to her while at Comic-Con was losing her wallet in a cab (oh no!). Fortunately, she was able to take some time and cancel her cards, but some lucky cab driver now has her license. I discovered while having lunch with Lyndie that she is actually a lover of comics, which just made her more excited to get to be at Comic-Con promoting Sleepy Hollow, also earning her some extra cool points. I also learned that she loves Ghost Hunters, a show that I share a guilty obsession over. After swapping tales of haunted houses and apartments, our lunch had to end.

Look Out for Season 2!

Having the opportunity to sit and chat with Lyndie was awesome; in between all of the other obligations I’m sure went along with a weekend at Comic-Con she was very interesting, funny, and real. Haunted house stories, sommelier certifications, lost wallets, fans of Sleepy Hollow, Kung Fu, comics, and more cool stuff made for one interesting lunch. If you haven’t already, be prepared for a transformation when you see Lyndie’s on-screen personality Jenny Mills on Sleepy Hollow season two, premiering September 22nd on Fox.