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6 Geeky Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Will Love

Looking for just the right Father’s Day gift for your geeky dad? Fear no more, we’re here with a few geeky gift ideas dad will love.

1. Pebble Smartwatch ($249)

Pebble smartwatch, geeky father's day gifts

With the Pebble smartwatch, dad can sync his favorite fitness apps, reminders, and control his music through a bluetooth connection without even touching his phone. Available in multiple styles and colors, and with a battery life of 5-7 days, your geeky-tech dad will be one step ahead of the curve here.

2. Light Show Fountain Speakers ($29.99)

Light show fountain speakers, geeky father's day gifts

These awesome speakers from Think Geek light up the dancing water with multi-colored LED lights in the speaker columns along with the music that is playing. Dad’s device can also be connected with an included USB cable.

3. Krups & Heineken Beertender ($129)

Krups-heineken-beertender-geeky father's day gifts

Any beer geek dads out there? The Krups & Heineken Beertender has a light that indicates when the beer is at optimal coldness, a removable drip tray, and is small enough to fit next to mom’s mixer on the counter. Perfect for watching games with friends and movie nights, dads will love the convenience of having their favorite beer on tap at home.

4. Amazon Fire TV ($99)

Amazon fire tv, geeky father's day gifts

Stream over 200,000 TV series and movies, along with millions of games and songs with Amazon Fire TV. Amazon Fire TV can also access Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus and other apps. For the dads that are TV and movie-buffs, this one’s a winner. A game controller is also available sold separately.

5. Star Trek  & Star Wars  Blu Ray Boxed Sets ($79.99 & up)

Startrek-star wars-blu-ray box set-geeky father's day gifts

Another one for the geeky movie buffs, these complete Star Trek and Star Wars boxed set blu ray editions can be found online or in stores and would make a nice visual edition to any movie collection.

6. Customizable Ultrasaber ($50 and up)

Geeky father's day gifts, ultrasaber!

Ok. We’ve saved the best for last. You can build dad his very own lightsaber from Ultrasaber! These things come in a wide variety of colors, handles, and styles, and they are also available as a double blades. Dad will love it.