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Blizzard Releases Alpha Testing For WoW: Warlords of Draenor

The Warlords of Draenor expansion Alpha testing began on Wednesday, June 5th for select players. The fifth expansion pack for WoW, this is the first to primarily function before the main timeline of the game, and also is part of a timeline that moves away from the original.


Among the new features, the stat squish is a new feature. All players stats and items stats have been scaled down. The old content has not yet been squished, so be wary of battling creatures from the old content; the values of their abilities are the same as they were. Currently, they plan to fully “squish” all of Azeroth’s stats down to scale.

WoD also features the ability to build and update your own garrisons. They can be small, medium or large and you can upgrade your garrison three times. The buildings in your garrison can include stables, inns, mines, armories, and more. The bigger each building is, the more followers you can keep and send out at a time. Members of your faction can also see and explore your garrison, allowing you to trade goods and resources.

You can also acquire followers (NPCs) in a few ways, and depending on what you build some of them will find you, and some of them are unlocked after completing quests or playing mercenaries. You can even recruit followers to help you in your garrison. They can build weapons, go on raids, and their skills and levels effect their ability to do the jobs assigned to them. They continue to work while you are offline and can be equipped.

The new Adventure Guide is also included in WoD, suggesting what you should do each day and makes suggestions based on your character’s gear, progression, and activities. The Guide is intended to help steer your character towards progressing to better gear upgrades, and help find appropriate activities based on your favorite methods of play.

Clutter was also a big focus for this expac, the players’ view is supposed to be less obstructed, except during PvP, when players need these visual cues. WoD also has a new way to sort and automatically show you which of your items are junk items that can be sold.