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Kickstarters of the Week: Pressy & iFind


Credit: https://www. Kickstarter. Com/projects/556341540/pressy-the-almighty-android-button

Are you tired of your Android phone overcomplicating things like snapping a selfie, calling a favorite contact, or turning your flashlight on? Pressy is a small physical button that will plug in to the headphone jack of any Android phone and allow the user to program simple click sequences to personalized tasks. The Pressy plugs into the standard headphone jack but will not block audio from playing while it is plugged in. If headphones are plugged into the headphone jack after Pressy has been set up, you can use the button on your headphone cord to function with the Pressy commands. Users will be able to set up 14 different commands based on different click combinations, and can also set time dependent commands so two long clicks can trigger one command in the morning, and the same clicks can trigger a different command in the evening. The Pressy will come in three colors, with a color coordinated keychain holder for easy and secure storage. The Pressy buttons that have already been pre-ordered are already in production and are expected to ship within the next four months. Pre-order options include: 1 Pressy- $27, 2 Pressys- $50, and 3 Pressys- $72.00; Pressy is available for pre-order at Visit their Kickstarter here.


Credit: https://www. Kickstarter. Com/projects/yuansong84/ifind-the-worlds-first-battery-free-item-locating

iFind is a unique Bluetooth tag location system. The tags are about the size of a quarter, do not require batteries, and can be placed on anything you want to be able to locate with your phone. You will be able to add an unlimited amount of tag IDs to your app to track, and can track up to 8 at a time. Syncing the tags to your devices is easy, all you have to do is sit the tag next to the device and tell the app to sync; you can then name each tag according to what you are tracking. But what if I lose my phone? You can shake any of your iFind tags to make the alarm on your phone go off. The tag IDs can also be set to more than one person, so if you’re out looking for a lost purse, wallet, or pet, your friends can help as well. The iFind also has a rope function notifying you when you go out of range (200 feet) from anything you are tracking. The user can also set each tag to have a specific range of space from the phone before the rope function sends a notification.  The iFind app will be available for iOS and Android phones or tablets.. iFind tags are available in 12 different colors. The Kickstarter ends on July 30th, 2014. iFind tags can currently be pre-ordered through Kickstarter through pledges. The current listing is: pledge $18-receive one iFind tag, pledge $30- get two iFind tags, pledge $70- get five iFind tags, pledge $120- get ten iFind tags. Visit their Kickstarter and website at WeTag.