Amazon and hachette battle for the book industry

Amazon and Hachette Battle for the Book Industry

Online superstore Amazon is squabbling with Hachette book group, one of the world’s top five publishers, in a dispute that may define the future of the publishing industry. Customers are raising complaints that books published by Hachette are available at full price instead of the normal discount, are taking many long weeks to ship, or…

Facebook accidentally releases snapchat-esque app

Facebook Accidentally Releases Snapchat-esque App

Somehow, Facebook, the social media giant, managed to accidentally release a new, not yet fully developed app. Monday afternoon, their new sharing app, Slingshot, appeared in the Google Play store as if available for purchase. Once the company realized their mistake the app was removed, within a few short hours. The company has yet to…

Stephen king’s new novel isn’t horror…so what will it be?

Stephen King’s New Novel Isn’t Horror…So What Will It Be?

Apparently, the next great Stephen King masterpiece is not going to be a horrific novel. Meaning, of course, that it falls into the crime/thriller genre, instead of under the horror/fantasy label under which most of his works are found. This new novel, Mr. Mercedes, pursues the story of a serial killer that targets the unemployed….

New draft of hitchhiker’s guide novel to be released

New Draft of Hitchhiker’s Guide Novel to be Released

Nothing is more exciting a diehard fan than more material coming out. In the case of a deceased author like Douglas Adams, such an event seems almost impossible, but it’s happening. Recently, an early draft of Life, the Universe, and Everything, a book in the inaccurately named Hitchhiker’s Trilogy was discovered by Adams’ biographer. The…

Solar roadways: a solution to the world’s problems?

Solar Roadways: A Solution To The World’s Problems?

The creators of this video seem to think that they have the answer to almost all the world’s problems. Imagine roadways that generated cost. Imagine lanes that didn’t need to be painted, and could change whenever new traffic patterns developed. Imagine if roads were pressure sensitive, and could alert drivers when animals or debris were…