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April Movie Preview: An Easter Egg Hunt for Good Movies

In just one month’s time, we’ll be discussing all of the big movies that mark the beginning of blockbuster season at the cinema. But it would seem that April movies don’t quite have the same appeal. There are a few interesting looking titles mixed throughout, but it will be like an Easter egg hunt trying to find them. What an appropriate seasonal reference that was. We’ll help you make sense of the month in our April movie preview.

Street Racers, Bull Riders and Stressed Out Monkeys

April 3rdFurious 7

We start off with the month’s crown jewel. It’s a wise cracking, Nitros oxide pumping, physics defying crown jewel. But that just makes it more awesome to me. Furious 7 has the Fast & Furious crew returning to deal with the brother of the villain from the previous film. Jason Statham plays the villain, continuing the franchises trend of adding big action stars to its ranks. A large focus of this film will be with Paul Walker, who passed away during production. But it will also be worth seeing because of the franchise’s ability to continually outdo itself. As the seventh (!) film in the series, expect the stunts and action to be out of control… in a good way.

April 10thEx Machina, The Longest Ride

Ex Machina is a sci-fi thriller dealing with artificial intelligence. Domhnall Gleeson plays a computer programmer chosen to participate in an experiment with artificial intelligence. But wouldn’t you know it? He gets attached to the female AI and tries to help her escape. So basically it’s like The Notebook with a robot. (Disclaimer: this movie is nothing like The Notebook.)

A movie that is a little more like The Notebook, The Longest Ride is the latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation to hit the big screen. This time the love story is centered on a college student and a champion bull rider. In typical Sparks fashion, tragedy, sadness and such surely ensue. Am I the only one who finds this title slightly disturbing for a romance story?

Ex-machina (source: ign)
Ex-Machina (Source: IGN)

April 17thChild 44, Monkey Kingdom, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, Unfriended

A strong cast including Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman and Noomi Rapace star in Child 44. In 1950s Russia, a disgraced agent (Hardy) investigates a mysterious series of child murders. Even the trailers are bit difficult to watch with the subject matter, but the critical acclaim of the book the film is based on gives some promise to the intriguing mystery. Plus Hardy’s career doesn’t have many missteps these days. So I tend to trust his film choices.

Disneynature’s latest quasi-documentary is Monkey Kingdom. I say quasi-documentary because the film is shot like a nature documentary but then edited in a way to fit a narrative as opposed to being completely true to life. The plot for this one has a newborn monkey and his mother attempting to survive in the monkey community.

I defend a lot of cheesy movies to people all the time as a fairly optimistic movie fan. But I am quite afraid about how bad Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 looks. The plot has Blart and his daughter going to Las Vegas to attend a security-guard expo. Naturally at that very time a giant heist occurs and it is up to Blart to stop the thieves. The film has many exciting moments like Blart getting hit by a car while riding a Segway, Blart getting attacked by a peacock, and in what may be the most unnecessary use of CGI ever, Blart getting kicked by a horse. Prove my skepticism wrong Kevin James, I beg you

Horror movies have caused us to fear many every day things in the past like dolls, board games, etc. Well be prepared to fear social media because your computer is coming to get you! Unfriended presents a group of teenagers who post a shaming video of a classmate online. When that classmate kills herself, the group starts to get tormented by an online presence while trying to have a nice little video chat. I guess this asks the difficult question of would you rather die a terrifying death or turn off the computer and go outside? Maybe that is too simple a solution, but I would just close the laptop. Crisis averted.

April 24thThe Age of Adaline, Little Boy

Immortality gets the romance treatment in The Age of Adaline. Blake Lively plays Adaline, who hasn’t aged for like 80 years. As a result, she hasn’t allowed herself to get to close to anyone for fear of revealing her secret. But now she has fallen in love and things get interesting. The movie looks to be quite original compared to the typical romance movies released. Plus Harrison Ford is in this too. I suppose living forever would be the only way someone would actually make it through all six seasons of “Gossip Girl.” Hey-Oh! I’m just kidding, Blake.

The month’s final film, Little Boy, is a drama about a kid who wants to bring his dad back from war. After participating in a magic show where he appears to move a bottle with his mind, he begins to attempt to will his dad back safely. The trailer even has him causing an earthquake with his mind. But was it real; was it his imagination? Who knows? But the movie sure looks emotionally taxing.

So this group of April movies isn’t one you’ve been counting down the days for. But there are some good ones in here. I can’t wait to hit the road with Furious 7. They drive a car out the window of one skyscraper and into the window of another skyscraper! Come on, where else are you going to see that? Also, it’s not necessarily my genre, but I’m intrigued by The Age of Adaline. See you next month to discuss what May has to offer.

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