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NEwhere Premium Vapor Products: An Alternative To Traditional Cigarettes

Classic_tobacco_ecig (1)Electronic E Cigs – An Alternative to Traditional Smoking?

“Smoking” as it used to be has now been replaced by the next generation. Gone are the days when smokers huddle outside in all kinds of weather just to smoke a traditional cigarette. Today’s technology has surpassed those days gone by with the revolutionary new electronic e cig. The e cig is basically a vaporizer, meaning that the “juice” contained within the tank of the battery operated e cig is turned into a thick, rich vapor by the battery operated vapor coil. The vapor coil is completely encased in the lower portion of the electronic cig and on the disposable models, is never even touched by the user. The result of using electronic cigs is a satisfying experience with all the joys of smoking, but without ashes, butts, or the taste of an ashtray in your mouth after you use one.


Electronic Cig – Tasty and Tobacco Free

Disposable e cigs come in a variety of really tasty flavors, with or without nicotine. They are completely tobacco free and do not bother people around you like smoking does. With smoke, your clothes smell, your hair smells, but with a cig electronic all you are breathing out is literally just water vapor. There is very little, if any, smell at all. With the disposable, non-rechargeable e cigs you get one flavor at a time for the life of the electronic e cig. There are of course e cigs with refillable tanks and rechargeable batteries on the market, but they are expensive and not nearly as convenient. For the casual user, the disposable, non-rechargeable electronic e cigs are the way to go. They are an easy, quick and convenient alternative to traditional smoking.

One highly popular seller for the e cigs is NEwhere Premium Vapor Products is a company that understands the e cig business as well as the needs and desires of electronic e cig customers. You must be 18 years or older to buy and use e cigs and e cig products. Some of the most popular flavors of the disposable, non-rechargeable electronic cigs are the Trio Pack which includes three disposable e cigs in Classic Tobacco, Refreshing Menthol and Wild Watermelon. This variety is quite popular with the vaping enthusiast who likes a variety of flavors. NEwhere Premium Vapor Products also sells singles, which are available in the Classic Tobacco, Refreshing Menthol, Wild Watermelon, Gushing Grape and Premium Peach.


Electronic Cigs – Once You Vapor, You Won’t Go Back

Many who used to smoke traditional cigarettes have said time and time again how once they tried the e cigs that they would never go back. First, the flavors will blow your mind. They range in a variety of flavors from rich tobacco to sweet peach and everything in between. And with the non-nicotine options, these e cigs pose zero health hazards! Imagine for once having the freedom to enjoy a nice, rich vapor after a nice meal or out with friends for drinks, and not having to worry about no smoking rules! You can even use your e cig inside the airport!


Enjoy Yourself Without Breaking Any Rules

Smoking these days has been banned just about everywhere you go. There are even places outside that do not allow smoking! With NEwhere Disposable eCigs, you get all the pleasure of smoking without breaking any rules whatsoever. And with the affordable prices with NEwhere Premium Vapor Products, you can choose several flavors to enjoy!


What Are You Waiting For? Quit Today!

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things anyone could ever do. If you are one of the millions of smokers that has tried the nicotine gum, the patches, even the prescription medication to help you quit, now there is a better alternative. The top rated vape pen gives you all the pleasures of smoking without the harmful chemicals or carcinogens found in cigarette smoke. You will love these e cigs so much, you won’t even miss lighting up a traditional cigarette! And the health benefits of quitting smoking are endless! Your heart health will improve, your blood pressure will go down, no more anxious feelings when you are craving a cigarette but aren’t allowed to smoke, and maybe the best part, your taste buds start reforming as well as your sense of smell. Traditional cigarettes diminish your sense of taste and smell, but with Horizon Vapor USA and electronic e cigs, all those senses come back to life! Your breath will stay fresher, your gums and teeth will be healthier, the list goes on and on! Get with the program today. Click on and let NEwhere Premium Vapor Products show you a whole new way of enjoying life again!

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