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March movie preview: madness, magic and mayhem

March Movie Preview: Madness, Magic and Mayhem

There are a surprising amount of recognizable titles in this March movie lineup. Disney will unveil its latest Pixar release just a few weeks before another live action update. Also we will see one of the biggest comic book characters outside of Marvel and DC as well as a highly anticipated horror sequel. Here’s our…

February movie preview: (furry) blue valentine

February Movie Preview: (Furry) Blue Valentine

With the release of our February movie preview, it’s time to start planning that perfect night with your special someone. Luckily we have the perfect Valentine’s Day movie date for you. Nothing says romance like a talking blue hedgehog with super speed attempting to thwart an evil genius. It really sets the heart aflutter. But…

January movie preview: a haunted resolution

January Movie Preview: A Haunted Resolution

The ball is dropped, the Christmas trees are down (or it will be soon if you are procrastinating like me). So let’s get into a new year of movies. A number of the movies that will be in the award show conversations will be expanding this month. But in terms of the wide release titles,…

December movie preview: the rise of blockbusters

December Movie Preview: The Rise of Blockbusters

As much as we want to keep talking about Baby Yoda for the foreseeable future, let’s take a small break from him to reacquaint ourselves with Rey, Finn, Chewy and Leia. For the third time, Star Wars is billing a movie as the end of the saga. But unlike Return of the Jedi and Revenge…

November movie preview: the overflowing cornucopia of hollywood

November Movie Preview: The Overflowing Cornucopia of Hollywood

It’s difficult to predict how movie theaters are going to pick and choose which of the massive list of November movies they are going to put on their screens. In addition to the carry-over from October, there are 16 wide release movies coming out this month. Not to mention the limited and special event titles…

Five thing you (may have) missed on the floor of nycc

Five Thing You (May Have) Missed on the Floor of NYCC

There is a lot going on over the four days of New York Comic Con. It’s impossible to see everything there is to offer even with a four-day pass. With all the panels, artists, merchandise and more, there aren’t enough hours in the day. One fun element every year are the interactive exhibitions set up…

‘free guy’ at nycc: ryan reynolds unveils new video game comedy

‘Free Guy’ at NYCC: Ryan Reynolds Unveils New Video Game Comedy

The fans at New York Comic Con love their movies and video games. When you pair those aspects with an international superstar best known for playing a sarcastic superhero, you end up with a panel filled to capacity. That was the formula when Free Guy was introduced on the main stage at the Javits Center…

Five must buy items from nycc

Five Must Buy Items from NYCC

The range of products available to buy at a convention as big as New York Comic Con is as varied as the population of people who attend. But while quite a few of the items, like t-shirts and comic books, can be commonly found outide of the show, some items stand out as more unique….

October movie preview: popcorn and pumpkins

October Movie Preview: Popcorn and Pumpkins

Every year when fall comes around, and Halloween is approaching, I have a certain image in my mind of how the October movie list should look. Horror flicks, fun animated spookiness or essentially the collected works of Tim Burton. Inevitably that doesn’t happen. But all things considered, this year’s October movies are a pretty festive bunch….

September movie preview: short but spooky

September Movie Preview: Short but Spooky

Apparently it’s a golden age for creepy clowns. The “clown prince of crime,” Joker, is released next month. This month, however, sees Pennywise pick on someone his own size. Well they’re adults at least. Also has there ever been a better head-to-head cinematic match-up than Downton Abbey and Rambo: Last Blood? Surely that says something…

August movie preview: ride the heat wave

August Movie Preview: Ride the Heat Wave

Last month’s list of releases had me thinking Hollywood was going for a quality over quantity approach to their movies. Well forget that because there are 15 August movies hitting the big screens and most of them aren’t going to force the public out to an opening day screening. But since Dwayne “Biggest Movie Star…

July movie preview: our summer sense is tingling

July Movie Preview: Our Summer Sense is Tingling

So the usually consistent performance of films based on Marvel Comics didn’t come through last month with Dark Phoenix. Don’t expect that same disappointment amongst the July movies when Spider-Man: Far from Home swings onto screens. The world needs to know how Peter Parker can sit through math class after floating around space as dust…

June movie preview: fire and shades for summer

June Movie Preview: Fire and Shades for Summer

Now this looks like a month of summer movies. We have sequels, remakes and reboots represented on the list. June movies take on comic books, sci fi, horror and everything in between. If franchise films aren’t your cup of tea, then maybe this isn’t your month. But count me in! Here’s our June movie preview….