Netflix is dropping ‘doctor who’ in february

Netflix is Dropping ‘Doctor Who’ in February

It’s a sinking feeling in the pit of your gut when you see the notification that one of your favorite shows on Netflix will soon disappear forever, especially if you haven’t finished the series. Your mind goes into a state of red alert. Text messages are sent to loved ones notifying them you’ll be unavailable for…

Ladygeek gadgets: sick days

LadyGeek Gadgets: Sick Days

I don’t know about the weather where you are, but the season change has delivered bipolar weather and allergens galore in my neck of the woods.  Left and right neighbors and coworkers are battling one of our most common enemies, the gunk. Sore throats, stuffed noses, and aching muscles at every turn, and this week…

Best summer netflix binges to kill time

Best Summer Netflix Binges To Kill Time

Believe it or not, we are about halfway through summer. This means it’s really hot, arguably too hot to go outside. Perfect time for TV. For some TV fans, mid-summer probably means being just about finished with all the shows you wanted to catch up on. For others, boredom has settled in and it’s the…

Netflix july new releases: what to watch

Netflix July New Releases: What To Watch

Netflix, the glorious source of all of our joy and entertainment, continues to add more shows and movies than we could ever hope to watch in just one lifetime.  This month is no different.  July promises everything from guilty pleasures to cult classics critical masterpieces.  Some nerdy highlights this month include two more Star Trek…

Netflix set to release its first original anime series

Netflix Set to Release Its First Original Anime Series

It’s an understatement to say that Netflix have been fairly successful with their original series, and given their track record, the people of Netflix seem to have a good sense of releasing intelligent series that appeal to the general masses’ tastes. Therefore, Knights of Sidonia might be worth checking out whether you’re a massive otaku…

Verizon is suing netflix over claims of internet connection problems

Verizon Is Suing Netflix Over Claims of Internet Connection Problems

Netflix is available to stream movies and television shows on nearly every single device that can connect to the Internet. Be it on a computer, a phone, or a tablet; Netflix is all over place and it is certainly here to stay. Another major company that is just as ubiquitous is Verizon. Almost everyone is…

Television and Comics: The New Frontier

With the recent success and popularity of comic adaptations of The Walking Dead, Arrow, and Agents of SHIELD, network television has doubled down on bringing the panels to the small screen for some nightly viewing.  Coming soon, here are some of titles viewers should be expecting to see soon. ABC Agent Carter As Adrienne Athanas first…

Community cancelled: gloomy greendale goodbyes

Community Cancelled: Gloomy Greendale Goodbyes

It seems like only yesterday we were being introduced to the likes of the self-centered Jeff Winger, the overachieving Annie Edison, the overbearing Shirley Bennett, the racist Pierce Hawthorne, the childish Troy Barnes, and the meta-fictional Abed Nadir.  It seems so recent in our collective memory that we were first welcomed by the statue of…

Netflix price increase: good for them

Netflix Price Increase: Good For Them

Tinkering with a wildly successful formula can either result in further success or complete disaster, and whether or not someone wants to take that bet depends on whether or not they’re an insane risk taker. Apparently the higher ups of Netflix are gamblers, because the desire for profit overcame caution and the number one TV…

How to binge-watch a tv show

How to Binge-Watch a TV Show

As our society moves towards a new way of absorbing media, the average viewer is still learning to adjust to the idea of binge-watching. As it is now, binge watching can be a serious drain on productivity, it can destroy your social life, and it can lessen the experience of watching the show over time….

Comic book television preview: part 2- marvel comics

Comic Book Television Preview: Part 2- Marvel Comics

In part one of our look into the upcoming invasion of comic book characters to your television screens, we investigated the two upcoming dramas based on DC Comics characters. Well, fear not Marvel fans; this time we look to see what Stan Lee Studios has coming up. (I say that figuratively, Stan the cameo man…

Shows that should be on netflix streaming by now

Shows That Should Be On Netflix Streaming By Now

Netflix has been catching a lot of flack these days for their recent lack of content, and understandably so. Even with the hundreds of titles available at any given moment, there is always something missing for someone out there. This on demand service has transformed the way we watch everything from blockbuster hits to little…

House of cards: a new season for the underwoods in review

House of Cards: A New Season for the Underwoods In Review

WARNING: the following will contain major spoilers about season two of House of Cards. If you haven’t seen it, stop right now and come back after you’ve spent the appropriate twelve hours watching all of it. I’ll wait. After watching season two of House of Cards, I decided to give myself a break from politics….

4 geeky ways to spend a snow day

4 Geeky Ways to Spend a Snow Day

Are you stuck at home, unable to attend work or school because of two inches of snow your city knew in advance was coming but still made no effort to prepare for? Did you total your car in the strange fluffy white stuff you’d heard rumors of but had never before seen in your sunny,…