House of cards: a new season for the underwoods in review

House of Cards: A New Season for the Underwoods In Review

WARNING: the following will contain major spoilers about season two of House of Cards. If you haven’t seen it, stop right now and come back after you’ve spent the appropriate twelve hours watching all of it. I’ll wait. After watching season two of House of Cards, I decided to give myself a break from politics….

Disney’s ‘moana’: will this polynesian princess hit a cultural bulls eye?

Disney’s ‘Moana’: Will This Polynesian Princess Hit A Cultural Bulls Eye?

In the past couple of decades, Disney has made a concerted effort to include more princesses of color to their collection of royal heroines. If you count Mulan, all of Disney’s princesses from 1992-2009 have been representative of minorities. The latest news from the Disney corporation is that this trend will continue after having taken…

Geeky high school extracurriculars we wish got more attention in college

Geeky High School Extracurriculars We Wish Got More Attention in College

Do you remember in high school, all the extracurriculars we had to put ourselves through just so colleges would pretend to notice us? Remember those few after-school activities everyone fought to be part of? Those were the really fun ones that got you out of school for a day (or even a whole week) and…

House of cards season two: welcome back to the madness

House of Cards Season Two: Welcome Back to the Madness

If you were to combine the political intrigue of The West Wing and the passionate corruption of All the King’s Men, what do you think you would get? Netflix got its original series House of Cards and has not looked back from its resounding success. The entire first season of House of Cards was released on February 1st, 2013 and…

Surviving a fandom hiatus without dying of feels

Surviving a Fandom Hiatus Without Dying of Feels

These past few weeks have been eventful for members of the Dr. Who and Sherlock fandoms. Season seven of BBC’s Dr. Who ended this past Christmas with Matt Smith’s regeneration and Peter Capaldi’s much awaited arrival. Filming for season eight began on January 6th, but the premier will likely not air until well into fall of 2014. Similarly, the third season’s second…

Sherlock lives (finally…)!

Sherlock Lives (Finally…)!

Warning: Naturally, this post will contain mild spoilers regarding “The Empty Hearse.” You have been warned… It’s been one year, eleven months, and nineteen days since BBC aired the season two finale of its hit show, Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Following the release of “The Reichenbach Fall,” Sherlock immediately underwent an extended hiatus which left fans…