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How Star Wars Episode VII Could Be Freaking Awesome

Let’s be honest: after the somewhat horrendous quality of the Star Wars prequels, it’s only natural to have some misgivings about Episode VII. Even with Disney taking the reigns, who knows what sort of stunts they could pull that would only serve to further the decline of our faith in the Force? I myself generally have very little confidence in Disney’s ability to produce a proper sequel to any film. Star Wars, however, may be an exception. Though no one can deny there are plenty of ways the movie could be a total flop and ruin the franchise forever, there is a shining beacon of hope. If Disney could find it in themselves to use the Star Wars expanded universe appropriately, there would be absolutely no doubt that Episode VII would be a raging success. It might even be capable of making us forget about Jar Jar Binks.

Use the Expanded Universe, Disney!

The Star Wars franchise is fortunate to have an expanded universe that is rich in imagination and believability. Disney has material to work with dating all the way back to the early 1980s, and it would seem foolish of them not to use it. Here’s two examples of what could potentially make an awesome Star Wars film.

Mara Jade
Mara jade
For those of you who don’t know, Mara Jade is a former agent of Emperor Palpatine turned Jedi known as an “Emperor’s Hand.” She later becomes the wife of Luke Skywalker, but don’t let that deter you. Including Mara Jade in Episode VII would help to further Luke’s character development by thrusting out of the role of student and into the role of the teacher. Not only that, but appropriately including Mara Jade’s journey would serve the Star Wars franchise’s over-arching theme of the triumph of good over evil. We would actually be able to see the inner turmoil of someone battling to overcome the Dark Side of the Force and sympathize with their struggle. Plus, we don’t really get to see too many leading ladies wielding a light saber, and watching Mara Jade go totally badass with one would be pretty awesome.

Darth Caedus
The son of Han Solo and Leia Organa, Caedus was born Jacen Solo five minutes after his sister Jaina. His story is one that fits well with the Star Wars franchise’s theme of falling from grace (and makes Carrie Fisher’s return so much more logical), as Jacen was first a Jedi Knight before he succumbed to the Dark Side for the sake of making the galaxy the way he wanted it to be (sound familiar?). Even though it would be impossible to tell his life story in a single film, including Jacen’s fall from Jedi to Sith in Episode VII would facilitate the franchise’s near-constant use of parallelism. Just as his grandfather fell from grace and became a Sith Lord, so too does Jacen. The younger Sith is, however, unable to attain redemption the way his predecessor had. A lingering sense of tragedy when a source of evil has been done away with? How classically Star Wars.



  1. Avatar Paul Cook says:

    Am I the only one who is sick of “family members” trading sides of the force? How lazy are these writers? Couldn’t we get some clan of sith vs the knight of the old rep.? I am not interested in Luke’s love story, Jade’s struggle with being bad or good, and am for sure not interested in Han Solo’s son having anger issues and joining the dark side. I love star wars, but that sounds SO LAME. The Force Unleashed video game has a far better plot and group of twists than anything I have seen so far from the Star Wars genre. I am so tired of seeing these kinds of films that are guaranteed success and marketing them toward children and the intellectually challenged.

    1. you clearly don’t know about the lost tribe of the sith otherwise you wouldn’t be talking about “sith vs Jedi from old republic”. and all of this is based on the expanded universe

      not the minimalistic views of the movie lovers. then of course there is the topic on “family members trading sides”, who in the skywalker family other than anakin (we’ll exclude jacen since you clearly know nothing of him) went to the darkside? plenty of Jedi have been corrupted as have plenty of sith been redeemed, its how they work, just look at starkiller. you may think you love star wars but if all you do is watch the movies and play the “modern games” then you have no right to make that claim. here’s the list you can use to catch up with the “intellectually challenged” targeted audiences

      1. Avatar Paul Cook says:

        Have you read any books? Luke turns.

        1. Avatar James Stanley says:

          Yes but he turns back in the end. Need I point out to you that Disney is currently undergoing an EU cull to decide which material after ROTJ is staying and which is going. Some of what you’ve read might not be considered canon when that’s over. The “Dark Empire trilogy” could be one to go. But we’ll wait and see.

          1. Avatar JointhePredacons says:

            Theyve already stated repeatedly they are not using ANYTHING from EU. Sorry to bust your bubble. but EU is not canon. Theyre going to be working from notes Lucas had been working on.

            1. Avatar James Stanley says:

              I know that. But lets not forget that countless other stories have been told in various formats after ROTJ waaaay before episode VII was announced. The EU might not be true canon but is a type of Star Wars canon. C-canon to be specific. To be fair though said canon is frequently Retroactived from time time. For example the upcoming Rebels show aims to tell the origins of the Rebel Alliance despite (Spoiler alert!) having been already established at the end of “Force Unleashed”. I get what you mean now.

      2. For those of us who love Star Wars but don’t live our lives around it only consider the movies canon. There are too many books that contradict each other to consider any of the books cannon. Not to mention George Lucas approved any representation of Star Wars in book or tv form. So if you go off the books, you also got to go off tv. So Stewie Griffin could be Darth Vader in your eyes.

    2. Avatar James Stanley says:

      Calm down. You just feeling the aftershock that was the prequel trilogy. With Abrams at the helm things are gonna be different.

      1. Avatar Paul Cook says:

        Yes… Yes I am. But to be fair, I really didn’t like the E-Woks in ROTJ. No little teddy could take down the clone troopers. I’m sorry, but they just couldn’t with their little sticks and rocks. The rest of the original trilogy still looks real and better quality than many sci-fi films today

        1. Avatar Rai_TheNoblesse says:

          don’t be suprised, if they try some trends, that are “in” in Animés/Mangas… , plot, character, idea or style-wise…
          (since a few Disney Movies latley have been inspired by such during the last 5-10 years…, unlike 10-20 or 30 years ago, when Mangas/Animés were inspried by Hollywood movies, ..they’ve kind of switched places… )

        2. Avatar James Stanley says:

          Clone troopers? Are you getting your star wars trilogies mixed up? Besides the only Stormtroopers that were still clones by that time made up the 501st legion.

    3. Avatar JointhePredacons says:

      Easy, this isnt whats going to happen, just what the author would like to happen. Theyve already said theyre not going to use anything from the Expanded Universe. Thats a good thing IMO. We dont need fans of the expanded universe bitching and moaning about how its not comparable to what they want. I trust JJ Abrams and Disney.

    4. Avatar Mark David Brill says:

      Paul Cook , you are a typical douche bag nerd.. Whocares what you think.. Everyone wants to see what happens to Luke and Han after episode 6 .. Not other siths…

      1. Avatar Paul Cook says:

        Wow. ZING! You’re good.

  2. Just my thought…..Has anyone considered the fact that Luke did not fulfill the prophecy of bringing balance to the force? He killed off all known members of one side. Does not sound like balance. Even his father was a supporter of “benevolent dictatorship” – peace at the end of a light saber.

    And for that fact, who says the “Dark Side” is evil? We know the Sith uses the Dark side for evil, but is the Dark Side truly evil or just a different side of the same power that flows all and the Sith used it for evil. There was a Dark Side to Dagobah.

    And to quantify, I have not read any of the books following the movies, and just thought it was strange that in the movie BALANCED = ONE SIDE ONLY

    1. Avatar Kit Morse says:

      I agree with that entire statement about BALENCED = ONE SIDE ONLY thing, I believe that it should be Light Side equal with Dark Side in followers, power, and all of the such. I also agree that Disney is going to F*** this movie up until they can’t destroy it any longer, but we may be able to give them a chance, you know, if only a sliver of a bit.

      1. He did bring balance to the Force via equal sides. After Anakin destroyed the Jedi Temple, essentially Sith had the Emperor and Darth Vadar. The Jedi had Obi-Wan and Luke. 2 = 2. Balanced.

        1. Avatar James Micke says:

          you mean Yoda and Obi-Wan. Luke and Leia at that point are just potential, not one way or the other.

  3. I don’t understand why people are so optimistic about Star Wars being any good. Disney will ruin the franchise just like they are with phase 2 of Marvel. Ironman 3 had allot more humor than action and though Thor 2 was good, I still could have done without over half of the “humor” they shoved down our throats. And I won’t even get into Agents of SHIELD. Star Wars will not be the Star Wars you fell in love with after Disney is through with it.

  4. Simple answer.
    JJ Abrams and Disney are going to reboot the whole story. Funny how they are getting actors that have a similar look as the old cast members. Not to play as their children, but as the original cast members. Think about it…..

  5. Avatar Eric Franklin says:

    You want the next star wars to be awesome get away from the Luke Skywalker and go with the old Republic, they have a much better story line then expanded universe. Darth Revan or the exile would be awesome.

  6. LOL…expect Goofy in these sequels, talking like jar jar.

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