‘what we do in the shadows’ hits us with a million vampiric guest stars

‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Hits Us with a Million Vampiric Guest Stars

It will be difficult to discuss much about the most recent episode of What We Do in the Shadows beyond the absolute, sterling brilliance of the guest stars. The good news is that the plot is relatively streamlined to best showcase those guest stars. The bad news is none bad news. It’s all good news….

Episode 6 of ‘what we do in the shadows’ explores the boundaries of gallows humor

Episode 6 Of ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Explores the Boundaries of Gallows Humor

It seems a bit absurd to make this qualification, given that What We Do in the Shadows is a show about vampires – subject matter that usually falls readily into the macabre territory – but damn, the latest episode is a dark twenty minutes of television. A thoroughly enjoyable twenty minutes to my sensibilities, but…

‘what we do in the shadows’ gives us rats and bats but no bears, oh my, in an assured 5th episode

‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Gives Us Rats and Bats but No Bears, Oh My, in an Assured 5th Episode

If you can divorce yourself emotionally, there is a sort of pleasure in watching the growing pains of a freshman show. Sometimes it’s the unmitigated delight that we as humans  – perverse critters that we are – feel watching a chain reaction train-wreck. But often it is the charm of watching a doe find it’s…

‘what we do in the shadows’ wants to ban your turtlenecks in its second episode

‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Wants to Ban Your Turtlenecks in Its Second Episode

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty (clever code, here, for “Kelly’s continued pure, unmitigated delight”) of episode 2, I have done a little bit of pro bono digging, and found that the name of the What We do in the Shadows theme song is called “You’re Dead” by Norma Tanega, and I highly recommend Youtube-ing…

‘what we do in the shadows’ begins a promising, bizarre tv re-birth

‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Begins a Promising, Bizarre TV Re-Birth

To turn any beloved cult property – a book, a movie, a video game – into a tv show is an act that falls squarely between needlessly risky and wildly arrogant. There is so much that can go wrong. You are already assuming the participation of fans who are traditionally more militant than most, and…

Atlanta s2e10: keeping appearances

Atlanta S2E10: Keeping Appearances

Atlanta S2E10: “FUBU” After last week’s events on Atlanta, “FUBU” throws another curve ball with a flashback episode. The writers of the show make it clear that they can wear many hats, and wear them well. From “Teddy Perkins,” to “Helen” and “Woods,” Atlanta continues its trend of genre-defying and incredibly impactful television. In “FUBU,” we’re treated to a…

Atlanta s2e8 recap: ego tripping

Atlanta S2E8 Recap: Ego Tripping

Atlanta Season 2 Episode 8: “Woods” Box Cutter Madness If last week taught us anything, Atlanta can keep it chill and nuanced while breaking philosophical ground. This week’s episode, “Woods,” hits hard. In the same way “Teddy Perkins” left us shaken and stirred, “Woods” takes Paper Boi from mani-pedi’s to box-cutter madness. Okay, not as extreme as…

Atlanta s2e7 recap: do it for the fake love

Atlanta S2E7 Recap: Do It for the Fake Love

Atlanta S2E7:  “Champagne Papi” The episode starts with Van’s friend Candice (Adriyan Rae) hosting an Instagram live feed as she promotes products and poses for the camera. Candice brings Van into frame, who consequently glares at the smartphone. Van is preparing to go out for the night with her friends. Tammi (Danielle Deadwyler) does lines…

Getting weird in helen: atlanta s2e4

Getting Weird in Helen: Atlanta S2E4

Let’s Get Weird  Episode four of Atlanta is markedly weirder than those before it. If you thought season one had plenty of bizarre, surreal imagery, season two, especially last Thursday’s “Helen,” promises a departure into dreamlike territory. Think Raymond Roussel’s Locus Solus and Andre Breton’s Manifesto of Surrealism. Back when Donald Glover and company were promoting…

Atlanta s2e2 recap: paper boi gets robbed and music companies suck

Atlanta S2E2 Recap: Paper Boi Gets Robbed and Music Companies Suck

Paper Boi Got Robbed Episode two of the current season of Atlanta sees Alfred, aka Paper Boi, getting most of the spotlight. “Alligator Man” was a more Earn and Darius heavy episode so it’s good to see Alfred play catch-up with the audience. We can assume by now that Alfred is off house arrest, and…