Major payne’s comic compound is taking the pain out of comic collecting

Major Payne’s Comic Compound is Taking the Pain Out of Comic Collecting

For immediate release Edwin Payne, the owner and operator of Major Payne’s Comic Compound, is proud to announce the grand opening of his store location on Hawthorne Boulevard in Torrance, California. The dream to open a bricks and mortar store was created out of a drive and passion to help comic collectors and enthusiasts find…

Geeks rejoice: dc to publish dungeons & dragons sourcebook

Geeks Rejoice: DC to Publish Dungeons & Dragons Sourcebook

Get ready Dungeons and Dragons fans, DC Comics announced the forthcoming The Last God: Tales from The Book of Ages. This 40-page sourcebook has cover art by Kai Carpenter, internal art by renowned series artist Riccardo Federici, is written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, and will be on store shelves just about 3 months from now….

August movie preview: the ‘squad’ meets the dog days of summer

August Movie Preview: The ‘Squad’ Meets the Dog Days of Summer

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of summer movie theaters filled with Jason Bourne, Captain Kirk, and Slimer, then maybe that should be your focus in August. The weather is still warm and kids are still off from school, but you would never know it’s still summer from this list of August movies. After the…

Gaiman Tweets Tease for Good Omens TV, Sandman Movie

This month is a pretty great month for fans of Neil Gaiman’s work, as he was tagged in several tweets this past fortnight implying or outright stating screen adaptions for two of his past projects were in the works. Pratchett, besides writing the intensely funny Discworld series, was also Gaiman’s co-writer for perhaps the most…