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Major payne’s comic compound is taking the pain out of comic collecting

Major Payne’s Comic Compound is Taking the Pain Out of Comic Collecting

For immediate release Edwin Payne, the owner and operator of Major Payne’s Comic Compound, is proud to announce the grand opening of his store location on Hawthorne Boulevard in Torrance, California. The dream to open a bricks and mortar store was created out of a drive and passion to help comic collectors and enthusiasts find…

Geeks rejoice: dc to publish dungeons & dragons sourcebook

Geeks Rejoice: DC to Publish Dungeons & Dragons Sourcebook

Get ready Dungeons and Dragons fans, DC Comics announced the forthcoming The Last God: Tales from The Book of Ages. This 40-page sourcebook has cover art by Kai Carpenter, internal art by renowned series artist Riccardo Federici, is written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, and will be on store shelves just about 3 months from now….

Comics gone bad! Ms marvel raped & other crazy sex stories

Comics Gone Bad! Ms Marvel Raped & Other Crazy Sex Stories

Yep, you read that right. Ms. Marvel was raped in Marvel comics and not some weird Fan Fiction production. The worst part is, Carol Danvers’ rape is arguably not the worst part of that story at all, but we’ll get to that. Let’s face it, when a good portion of the non-fan population hears the…

Gal gadot on wonder woman 2 and much more

Gal Gadot on Wonder Woman 2 and Much More

Gal Gadot has been busy shooting films in which she portrays iconic roles. She shared an announcement regarding the wrap up of Wonder Woman 1984, a film which is set to release in 2020. This superhero franchise moves the timeline from the World War to the Cold War era, where Gal’s character Diana Prince aka…

A closer look at batman’s world: deaths

A Closer Look at Batman’s World: Deaths

While I’m a huge Batman fanatic, I’ve admittedly not followed the comics or new animated series is quite some time. Who has time to read?  Anyway, with my DC Universe subscription I can pull up comics on my flat screen and I recently started trying to catch up on everything Batman. Luckily for me, my…

June movie preview: summer of wonder

June Movie Preview: Summer of Wonder

Like every other month, May had hits and misses. But there was something rewarding about a shorter list of movies, all with potential to draw in fans and do well. June is back to the usual smorgasbord of good and bad. We still have a probable hit based on the first lady of DC Comics….

August movie preview: the ‘squad’ meets the dog days of summer

August Movie Preview: The ‘Squad’ Meets the Dog Days of Summer

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of summer movie theaters filled with Jason Bourne, Captain Kirk, and Slimer, then maybe that should be your focus in August. The weather is still warm and kids are still off from school, but you would never know it’s still summer from this list of August movies. After the…

How was this loot crate versus…?

How Was This Loot Crate Versus…?

The others? I’m glad you asked, my fictional friend asking questions, because not only did you provide me with a title to this article but you also managed to include the theme of March’s 2016 Loot Crate: Versus That’s right. In this month’s Loot Crate, we were treated to a look at some of the…

Free comic book day 2015 is almost here!

Free Comic Book Day 2015 Is Almost Here!

It’s been a long, cold winter but it looks like Spring is finally here. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and Free Comic Book Day is almost upon us. You Read That Correctly…FREE Hard to believe, but way back in 2001 things were not so shiny for the comics industry. Christopher Nolan hadn’t dipped his magical…

Comic book television preview: part 1- dc comics

Comic Book Television Preview: Part 1- DC Comics

There are a lot of superhero movies out there. If the over-the-top Guardians of the Galaxy trailer tells us anything, it’s that this trend is just getting started as more obscure properties are about to rub elbows with Captain America and the other big names. But with production schedules and well planned out marketing campaigns,…

Gaiman Tweets Tease for Good Omens TV, Sandman Movie

This month is a pretty great month for fans of Neil Gaiman’s work, as he was tagged in several tweets this past fortnight implying or outright stating screen adaptions for two of his past projects were in the works. Pratchett, besides writing the intensely funny Discworld series, was also Gaiman’s co-writer for perhaps the most…

Infinite crisis beta impressions

Infinite Crisis Beta Impressions

If you like comics and MOBAs (Mobile Online Battle Arenas) then you might have heard about DC comics newest game Infinite Crisis. It takes the typical MOBA formula and slaps a super hero inspired coat of paint. You get to take control of your favorite DC super heroes and villains as they battle it out…

Batfleck, james bland and other casting controversies

Batfleck, James Bland And Other Casting Controversies

What do you think was the big news story of the last week? The crisis in Syria? No. You and all major media outlets are wrong. The only story as far as my social media feeds were concerned last week was the casting of a man to play a fictional man who flies about and…