Geeks Rejoice: DC to Publish Dungeons & Dragons Sourcebook

Get ready Dungeons and Dragons fans, DC Comics announced the forthcoming The Last God: Tales from The Book of Ages. This 40-page sourcebook has cover art by Kai Carpenter, internal art by renowned series artist Riccardo Federici, is written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, and will be on store shelves just about 3 months from now.

This D&D sourcebook will take a deeper look into Cain Anuun, the setting of The Last God. The DC Comics series premiered this past October with The Last God #1, which reveals the story of two different groups of heroes facing the brutal legions of the Last God 30 years apart. 

However, Tales from The Book of Ages is set to give fans a good bit more. In addition to detailing the history of the people, creatures, and locations of Cain Anuun, there’s some bonuses that are getting fans excited.

  • New maps and illustrations by master cartographer Jared Blando.
  • D&D 5th Edition compatible playable races, subclasses, monsters, magic items, and other extras. Everything you need for a home campaign.

DC will publish The Last God: Tales from The Book of Ages under their Black Label imprint, which recently took over the mantle of many of their Vertigo titles.

While it has been around for decades, Dungeons and Dragons has been making a strong resurgence recently, and this mini-sourcebook is almost certain to stir even more excitement. 

It’s also destined to be a treasured addition to many a fan’s collection — whether you’re simply interested in learning more about Cain Anuun and the Last God, or you want to start your own quest to help stop the Last God’s evil armies from destroying everything in their wake. 

Issue #4 of The Last God will be available tomorrow, 1/29, and The Last God: Tales from The Book of Ages is set to hit the shelves of comic book and digital retailers on April 29, we only have about 90 days to wait. At a mere $4.99 USD, Tales from The Book of Ages is certain to be on the must have list of every Dungeons and Dragons fan.

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