Bad boys, 1917,

Bad Boys, 1917, and Coronavirus

Bad Boys For Life, 1917 and Much More

Bad Boys for Life made $42 million across 58 markets outside the US. Guess how much the movie made on a global basis? Over $200 million, not too shabby for this franchise that’s been dormant for a while.

The movie only debuted a week ago everywhere. Fans of the prior movies and new ones flocked to the theaters to check it out. Thanks to the installed base and new fans, the recent Bad Boys For Life film, saw significant interest. 

Let’s Talk 1917

1917 earned $23.7 million from 50 international markets. Analysts claim much of its success is due to the movie’s Oscar nomination announcement. The war drama enjoys over $200 million in sales and is still in theaters. 

The numbers might have shown equal progress this week except for factors such as the coronavirus epidemic in China. 

Remember that Chinese New Year and the extended holidays are extraordinarily lucrative. Unfortunately, the movies were pulled after the crisis. What might have been record-breaking movie openings in Asia may not be so due to the viral nature of this recent epidemic. 

The decision to shelve movies to discourage public socialization is one example of how the recent issue will affect large industries. Indeed, anecdotal evidence from different platforms on social media notes that many are not stopping by the usual places such as Starbucks, the Apple store, or other locations due to coronavirus fears.

For instance, the box office is hurting from the recent virus. We see that it is losing over a billion dollars due to caution by the general populous. 


 Universal Studios’ Dolittle starring Robert Downey Jr. earned $13.2 million in 55 markets and a total of $46.4 million. Dolittle’s release in China is set for February, and without any information to when theaters will start to run again. We will have to see how this current issue affects the movie industry moving forward.

Rise of Skywalker

Disney’s Star Wars- Rise of the Skywalker crossed $500 million in the United States, becoming the 15th movie to pass that in a decent timeframe. 

It made $1.046 billion around the world. 

Frozen 2 smashed Avengers: Age of Ultron’s record by making $1.419 billion and has pushed it out of the rank of the 10th highest-grossing release in history around the world. For its numbers and popularity, the movie failed to receive a nomination at the Oscars. 

However, Searchlight’s Jojo Rabbit has earned $54 million amidst its academy award nomination announcement. It has yet to be present in many international markets. 

Little Women, which also sees an Oscar nod, has made $150 million across the world. 

The coronavirus is here and is causing friction and turbulence but big name movies like Bad Boys, 1917, and others are still making a significant dent.

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