Comics Gone Bad! Ms Marvel Raped & Other Crazy Sex Stories

Sex in comics

Yep, you read that right. Ms. Marvel was raped in Marvel comics and not some weird Fan Fiction production. The worst part is, Carol Danvers’ rape is arguably not the worst part of that story at all, but we’ll get to that.

Let’s face it, when a good portion of the non-fan population hears the words “comic book,” they tend to assume that they’re for kids. Sure, they see the mainstream movies busting records at the box office, but with the exception of the Deadpool movies and Logan, they’ve all been rated in the PG arena. 

So, it stands to reason that many of them would be a bit surprised to learn about some of intense story arcs we’ve seen. From cringe-worthy depictions of drug and alcohol addiction to domestic abuse, sex-slave trafficking and just about everything in-between, our mainstream comics have mirrored mainstream issues pretty much since their first publications.

However, even I was surprised to learn about a few of these sex-based storylines that go WAY beyond the rape of Ms Marvel. And I’m betting there’s a few fan-boys out there that will be just as surprised. 

As there are literally hundreds if not thousands of comic book titles and publishers, I’m going to stick to the two big guns: Marvel & DC.

Besides, I found plenty enough to write about on just those two and I have a feeling this will be a lengthy article as is.

I’m going to put a warning here however. As if the title isn’t warning enough, my initial research has already revealed some details that are definitely NSFW and as I will probably include any pertinent info and images that I find as I dig further, you should probably consider the remainder as NSFW. Just to be safe.

Now, let’s get down to the down and dirty of some of the crazy sex stories in comic books.

The Rape of Ms Marvel

The Avengers #200 has gone down in infamy and we actually covered this particular comic rather in depth several years ago, but I think you’ll agree that I have to include it here. Especially since it’s not the craziest sex story in comics but has been called the “most offensive.” 

Check it out.

The issue starts with Carol giving birth, after being pregnant for like 3 days, and then the kid grows up within a matter of days and names himself Marcus. Alright, nothing too out of the question I guess. But, then it goes into telling us about Marcus and some sex stuff that no one would ever want in their search history.

Stay with me here, it get’s a little complicated.

First, Marcus is the son of the Avengers’ foe Immortus and a woman that looked an awful lot like Carol Danvers (aka Ms Marvel). I know, I know. How can Marcus be someone else’s son? Like I said, stay with me.

Immortus was stuck in Limbo and in an attempt to produce an heir, he did some mumbo jumbo to connect Limbo with Earth and kidnapped and impregnated the woman after using a mind-control machine. When Immortus sent the woman back to Earth, Marcus got caught in the inter-dimensional connection between it and Limbo and was left all alone when dear old dad disappears as well.

Taking a cue from Pops, Marcus comes up with a plan to escape. However, he goes all Freudian and is extremely attracted to Ms Marvel because she looks so much like his mother. So, he abducts her and pulls her into an inter-dimensional love-nest and first sets out to win her heart the old fashion way.

But that doesn’t work.

Not being one to take “no” for an answer, not to mention not having the best paternal heritage, Marcus turns to daddy’s tech and forces Carol to change her feelings about him.

The high-tech aphrodisiac works and taking her to bed against her true will, Marcus rapes Ms Marvel in an illegitimate intimate encounter and impregnates her with his “essence.” After the sexual assault, he disappears faster than any man in history.

Marcus then uses more of Immortus’ tech to wipe Carol’s memory of the whole sordid thing and then send her back in time to just seconds after he’d kidnapped her.

So let’s recap here…

He kidnapped and raped Ms Marvel in order to get her pregnant with himself. Well, sort of. 

He raped Carol in order to act as a gateway to Earth, but to us Earthlings there’s no two ways about it. Marcus is both a rapist and the product of rape and both his father and his own son. 

Not to mention that Ms Marvel was raped by her own son… and liked it.

Erm, I guess there IS two ways about it. But you see what I mean.

The rape of ms marvel
Property of Marvel Comics

You’d think that that would be the end of this twisted sex tale, huh?


Marcus’ presence on Earth causes a huge riff and all sorts of crazy crap starts happening. He realizes that he has to go back to his dimension and that’s when things get even more twisted.

Ms Marvel reveals that she is not only going to go with him, but that she actually has feelings for her rapist/son. The mix of her feelings for her “son” and the lingering aftereffects of Immortus’ mind-control crap have resulted in her forgiving her rapist and feeling closer to him than she’s felt to anyone “in a long, long time.”

More rape of ms marvel
Property of Marvel Comics

Yep! And they head off to their new home to live happily ever after.

And Ms Marvel’s incestuous rape is arguably not even the most twisted sex-capade we’ve seen come from Marvel and DC.

Just keep reading and see for yourself.

After investigating for this article I kept thinking one thing…

My family thinks MY fiction writing is twisted?

The Time Joker Raped Batgirl

As a huge Batman and Alan Moore fan, of course I knew about this one and I’m assuming most of you have as well. However, I would be remiss if I failed to include it in this article. 

If you haven’t read The Killing Joke or seen the animated movie of the same name, you’re missing out on a rather twisted tale that had reverberations throughout the Batman universe for decades.

While there’s plenty of brutality against Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, as well as her father, the infamous commissioner Jim Gordon, her actual rape is only slightly alluded to in the print version. Joker resorts to torturing a naked and bound Gordon with pictures of his naked and wounded daughter.

The rape of batgirl
Property DC Comics

However, almost 3 decades later we were presented with an animated version and it leaves no doubt that Barbara was sexually assaulted by Joker. Of course this is after the bullet fired by Joker hits her spine and leaves her a paraplegic… meaning she was completely helpless while the maniac of maniacs stripped her down and had his way with her.

Sure, you can chalk this story from Alan Moore up as a reflection on a maniac doing what maniacs do, but it was rather graphic for a Batman story. However, it apparently wasn’t as graphic as Mr Moore originally intended.

Super Sex

We’ve probably all heard jokes involving Superman and Wonder Woman, including one with an innocent Invisible Man accidentally getting violated by Supes. However, those jokes may actually pale in comparison to what transpired in The Dark Knight Strikes Again.

Written by the much revered Frank Miller, many fans were wishing he would have left well enough alone. Not only can Diana and Clark communicate telepathically, they have sex that makes “the Earth move.” Literally.

After taking her “like his rightful prize,” in page after page (about 8 of them in fact) Superman and Wonder Woman shatter mountain tops, cause earthquakes, and create tidal waves while copulating. Strangely, our super “heroes” don’t seem to care that their coitus adventures could possibly have killed numerous innocent civilians as Wonder Woman appears ready for round 2 just a short while later.

Superman and wonder woman sex scene
Property DC Comics

Underage Sex

As if Barbara’s rape and maiming weren’t bad enough, or the public displays of, uh, affection between Superman and Wonder Woman weren’t quite edgy enough for DC, they still have a couple of entries left in this article. This time out, it’s none other than Green Lantern, aka Hal Jordan.

No, Hal didn’t rape anyone and he didn’t kill a bunch of people while having super-sex. While I’m sure he could think of some pretty kinky things to do with that power ring, he’s on this list for something rather creepified. 

For awhile in the 1980’s, Hal was seen with Arisia, a 13-year old alien member of the Green Lantern Corps that he often refers to as “Little Sister.”

Green lantern underage sex
Property DC Comics
Hal jordan pedophile
Property DC Comics

I know what you’re thinking and no, Hal didn’t molest her.

Well, not in that sense anyway.

Arisia starts showing feelings towards Hal and begins flirting rather awkwardly, which Hal rebuffs and reprimands her for. Pointedly discussing the fact that she is half his age. She tries to explain that on her world she is actually twice what she is on Earth, but Hal doesn’t take the offer and points out the maturity difference.

For a couple of issues anyway. 

In Green Lantern Corps #206, Black Hand traps her and Hal in a cave and suddenly, Arisia’s body is transformed into that of a grown woman. It seems that her green lantern ring responded to her will to be grown up and she claims that it matured both her mind and her body.

Again, Hal doesn’t go for the opening and he even tells her he isn’t interested in starting anything with anyone at this point in time.

For a couple of panels anyway.

Call svu
Property DC Comics

In GL Corps #207, the writers explain that because it’s love and her body and maturity were fast forwarded by the ring, it’s all okay. One Lantern points out that Arisia hasn’t had all the experiences of growing up but it is brushed off. 

Hal even has a moment of self-reflection that should have told the writers to stop and rethink the whole idea.

I'm not a pedophile, said every pedophile.
Property DC Comics

And not too much later, things are hot and heavy between the two.

Child molester hal jordan
Property DC Comics

They broke up awhile later and it probably all got retconned in the New 52, but history shows that Green Lantern member Hal Jordan was a bit of a perv.

Incest AND Voyeurism 

You may or may not want to put Elizabeth Olson’s portrayal of Wanda/Scarlet Witch out of your head for this one. While many of our hearts broke for her when she lost Vision in the Avengers movie and we weren’t privy to what the two got up to in their time alone, in Ultimates 3 we saw a rather kinky side of the Scarlet Witch.

Remember her twin brother Quicksilver? You know, the mutant played by one actor in The Avengers and known as Pietro/Quicksilver, while another actor portrayed him in the X-Men: First Class movies and was known just as Peter Maximoff. Well in this “classic” issue, the two siblings finally give in to their mutual flirtations and they do the horizontal mambo.

Twincest - incest at its finest
Property DC Comics

Yup, that’s our old pal Logan watching the two get it on. I guess when you’ve lived as long as he has, you want to see every thing.

Oh, and I should mention that there’s a sex tape of Tony Stark and Black Widow in this issue too.

More Kinkiness in Comic Books

Some venues have proclaimed Justice League: the Rise of Arsenal #3 as “the worst comic ever,” and there’s more than one reason. Roy Harper, the former hero formally known as Speedy as well as Red Arrow and Arsenal a couple of times, decides to daydream about having sex with his ex Cheshire while having a fight with… Cheshire.

Kinky sex in comics
Property DC Comics

I guess he gets more than a little turned on because a short while later he has her all tied up, claiming she “likes it rough anyway.” He tries to take advantage of her immobilization but can’t get an erection.

Yeah, they really say that in the comic.

Arsenal attempted rape
Property DC Comics

Cheshire apparently didn’t mind the forced-sex attempt at all and I guess it turned into more of a pity sex sort of situation, but you still have to wonder WTH they were thinking.

Arsenal then does what any super-powered man would do in this situation. 

He suits back up and heads out to kick bad guy ass… and do heroin.

Oh, and he hallucinates and envisions that a dead cat is his baby.

Yup, glad I missed that issue.

More Rape & a HUGE Coverup 

Lastly, we have yet another rape in DC land. However, this one not only gets the royal brushoff from the writers, some of our favorite superheroes resort to some shady shit to cover it up.

In the 2004 miniseries Identity Crisis, the pregnant wife of Elongated Man, Sue Dibny, is found murdered and burned to death. Members of the Justice League; Green Arrow, Black Canary, Hawkman, Zatanna, and The Atom, console her distraught husband and then tell him something only they know.

Rape at jla headquarters
Property DC Comic

So, Doctor Light teleported into the JLA’s satellite headquarters while Sue was all alone. He chased her down and though she was able to alert the League, Light used his powers to bind her and he promptly raped her.

The heroes arrive and beat the holy hell out of Dr. Light and, being a bad guy, he uses his holographic powers to show them the rape and promptly promises to not only find and rape Sue again, but to do the same to all of their loved ones.

Which means they put him in a super-max prison for super bad guys right?


Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow, proposes that Zatanna erase his memory of the incident. After some debating back and forth on whether to do that or magically changing his brain from a sick and twisted sexual sadist to that of a more normal villain, they opt for the memory wipe.

Unfortunately, Zatanna misses the mark.

Rape coverup
Property DC Comics

They also figure that Batman would never keep the secret and Zatanna uses the same mojo on him. However, it’s revealed down the road that the World’s Greatest Detective knew all along that she’d wiped his memory and why.

Wow, So Much Sex in Comics

I’d expect intimate relations to be alluded to or even explored in comics, the general readership is really the 18-35 year old male, or at least I think it still is. However, I never expected to find these sort of storylines covered in a such, forgive the pun, graphic way.

I have no illusions regarding the fact that there are likely a lot worse incidents in other series from various publishers, especially considering what I found in the big 2. 

From the incestuous rape of Ms Marvel and the consensual incest of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, Marvel has had its’ share of controversial sex-related stories. Of course covering up rape, having two top heroes go tearing up the world while they have sex, and more than alluding to pedophilia, DC has proved itself no slouch in that area.

Which of the above is the worst? Is there another one I missed? Sound off below and let everyone know.

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