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Safety concerns of online dating vs. Traditional dating

Safety Concerns of Online Dating vs. Traditional Dating

For a lot of reasons, more and more singles are turning to online dating to meet new people and hopefully find their true love. But online dating can be quite different from traditional dating, and it can present new challenges and risks that you should be aware of if you are planning on taking this…

Csr classics – ios game review

CSR Classics – iOS Game Review

Being a Blackberry user for the last two years, the world of mobile gaming has almost completely passed me by. I’m fairly sure Snake or Tetris would’ve been a bit of a stretch for my wheezing Bold. So now having escaped from the cave and got myself a nice new iPhone 5C (more on that…

Tales of an average online gamer 4: armchair management

Tales of an Average Online Gamer 4: Armchair Management

I’ve spoken at length on here before of the traditional forms of multiplayer online gaming, but what if you’re more armchair general than infantry leader? Because there’s one area of online gaming I have been tangentially involved with for a few years now, and that’s sports management. Blackout Rugby is a freemium rugby management game,…

Doctor who – how to become a whovian?

Doctor Who – How To Become A Whovian?

My friends are generally fairly rational, balanced human beings. But something unusual happened over the previous weekend. I was with a friend of mine Saturday night as we headed to a novel-writing session in London, and she was becoming increasingly agitated. Words became harder to fathom from her, and when they came they were blurted…

Fans say farewell with final ‘the it crowd’ episode

Fans Say Farewell With Final ‘The IT Crowd’ Episode

I will declare right off that this post is rife with spoilers, but to be honest if you still haven’t seen the final The IT Crowd episode, what have you been doing with your life? Go online now, find it, watch it right this second, and come back to me when you’re done. Don’t worry….

Grand theft auto retrospective part 2: the sandboxes of time

Grand Theft Auto Retrospective Part 2: The Sandboxes of Time

So in part 1 of my Grand Theft Auto Retrospective, I discussed the humble early days of the world’s biggest video game franchise. Those trashy shows and early tours, playing dive bars and garages for petrol money and tequila shots and becoming known for wild and controversial stage shows. It’s hard to remember those heedy…

Grand theft auto retrospective part 1 – 2d dog days

Grand Theft Auto Retrospective Part 1 – 2D Dog Days

So GTA V is here. Did you not hear? I’m fairly sure aliens from the dark side of Mars are currently shooting gangsters and flying jet planes into prostitutes in the biggest instalment in one of the biggest videogame franchises in the history of the world. Michael Bay would baulk at the budget for GTA…

Analysing the iphone 5c/5s launch – fall 2013

Analysing the iPhone 5C/5S Launch – Fall 2013

So that’s another high-profile technology conference concluded, and another that resembled a political rally the night before the polls open. Huge promises, slick slideshows, and even a celebrity endorsement – in this case a performance from Elvis Costello. But as I sat watching the news unfold at Apple’s September conference, none of my focus was…