Tales of an average online gamer 3: online vs old-skool multiplayer?

Tales of an Average Online Gamer 3: Online Vs Old-Skool Multiplayer?

It’s probably not that much of a spoiler at this point to say that I like online multiplayer. I may only be average at online gaming (you guessed that from the title, right?) but I still enjoy it nonetheless, even when it’s at it’s most headbangingly annoying. Which is quite a lot of the time…

The big bang theory conundrum

The Big Bang Theory Conundrum

Stop me if this sounds familiar: Thing comes into existence. Thing gathers more fans and snowballs in popularity. People start to become actively angry that this thing is becoming popular, which then grows in direct proportion to the popularity of the thing. This is happening with The Big Bang Theory, a show watched by upwards…

The cornetto trilogy – the best non-trilogy in film history?

The Cornetto Trilogy – The Best Non-Trilogy in Film History?

Reviewing The World’s End (the end result you can read here, shameless plug) felt a bit like saying goodbye. Knowing that this was the last of the breed, that we’d never see another film of exactly this ilk again was slightly bittersweet. Or would we see another film like this? I’ll deal with that later….

Oldham’s budding coders get wired up for festival of code

Oldham’s Budding Coders get Wired up for Festival of Code

We’re forever being told about how hopeless the economy is right now, and how there’s less chances for employment and moving up the career ladders for young people than there are cars made of myrrh and unicorn ears. But for budding young computer programmers and coders, there is a national event that helps give a…

The world’s end – review

The World’s End – Review

Expectation can cripple even the greatest artistic projects, and that’s quite unfair when you consider that sometimes expectation can be an unreasonable so-and-so. No one in the world better knows this than Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, a visionary writing/acting/directing trio who’s debut film, Shaun of the Dead, became the movie equivalent of…

Grid 2 review

GRID 2 Review

I get the feeling Codemasters are having a mid-life crisis. Someone has mentioned to them that they’re now one of the longest-running videogame developers in the current market, and suddenly they’re worrying about whether their tackle still works rather than concentrating on what they do best. The warning signs were there when F1 2011 decided…