Samsung t5 lets you keep all your data in your pocket

Samsung T5 Lets you Keep All Your Data in Your Pocket

What You Need to Know About the Samsung T5 The Samsung T5 is the solution to all your data storage needs, whether its movies, course books, games, etc. Guess what? That’s not all. The Samsung T5 really lets you feel free with fast transfers in gaming, music, when moving to smartphones, and even laptops. Its…

Samsung’s galaxy j3 prime: the low budget android smartphone

Samsung’s Galaxy J3 Prime: The Low Budget Android Smartphone

Samsung’s Galaxy J3 Prime is a solid choice of the lower priced smartphones which provides users with all the standard features and decent overall quality. If you are unwilling to make the budgetary sacrifices necessary to afford the best phone money can buy, then the Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime may be one you are considering…

Galaxy s9 possibly the best samsung ever?

Galaxy S9 Possibly the Best Samsung Ever?

Well yes, quite possibly, and we can go even further by saying after spending a fortnight with this superb smartphone that Apple best watch out, as this little beauty is a good an iPhone rival as they come. With a design that can only be described as beautiful, this fantastic Android from Samsung boasts a…

Samsung galaxy tab s – why it is the choice for gamers

Samsung Galaxy Tab S – Why It Is the Choice for Gamers

The entertainment options today are virtually endless. Our computers and mobile devices offer us so many opportunities. Most of the people born after the 1980s probably don’t even remember what was it like to be bored and to have nothing to do. All sorts of games and entertainment apps and websites have been developed in…

Top 3 android tablets of 2016

Top 3 Android Tablets of 2016

The list of viable Android tablets continues to grow. All of them enjoy rich feature sets as well as powerful hardware. Deciding which tablet is perfect for you isn’t easy. You’ll need to decide whether your device is for gaming or productivity. Here’s a guide to the three best Android tablets of 2016 to help…

The smartphone buyer’s guide of 2015-2016

The Smartphone Buyer’s Guide of 2015-2016

The 2015 holiday season has brought forth the introduction of the latest smartphones to the market, but now anyone looking to buy a new smartphone may be wondering which one to buy. Smartphone buyers have lots of options to choose from, whether it be the new iPhone 6 or the many quality Android phones, down to the ASUS ZenFone…

Phone office tools for android

Phone Office Tools for Android

Everyone has heard of the home office, but what about the phone office? Now your Android phone can be just as vital to your workday as your desktop or laptop. According to Pew Internet two thirds of Americans own and use a smartphone, and 46 percent say that it is something they could never live…

The buzz surrounding the beeraider keyboard

The Buzz Surrounding the BeeRaider Keyboard

Do you have trouble typing on the standard QWERTY keyboard? Do you wish it was easier to learn to use without looking back and forth between the screen and keys? Well, the creators of the BeeRaider keyboard believe that their innovative new keyboard may be the answer to your wishes. Are We Saying Goodbye to…

Meet the gold plated samsung galaxy s6

Meet the Gold Plated Samsung Galaxy S6

Goldgenie and Their Gold Plated Madness There’s this sudden influx of phone manufacturers putting out top-of-the-line, premium built phones, hoping that somebody dumb rich enough will carry around an item that just screams ROB ME! Apple has gone all out with the solid gold Apple Watch Edition… Edition, and the Macbook (really unique naming conventions, there)….