Meet the Gold Plated Samsung Galaxy S6

Gold plated samsung galaxy s6

Goldgenie and Their Gold Plated Madness

There’s this sudden influx of phone manufacturers putting out top-of-the-line, premium built phones, hoping that somebody dumb rich enough will carry around an item that just screams ROB ME! Apple has gone all out with the solid gold Apple Watch Edition… Edition, and the Macbook (really unique naming conventions, there). Now, it appears that a company by the name of Goldgenie is prepared to take it up a notch with the gold plated Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

Gold plated samsung galaxy s6

For those who have not been keeping up with the news, Samsung released two new devices at Mobile World Congress this year, and they came to play. The Galaxy S-series has been under heavy fire over the last couple of years for their less than impressive build materials and the software brick known as Touchwiz, which, despite flagship spec sheets, caused the Galaxy phones to run sluggishly. That seems to have changed this year. By sacrificing the removable battery and external storage card (and losing some supporters along the way), Samsung was able to build two of the most premium phones to date, with a spec sheet and benchmarks that gave nerds wet dreams. That should suffice for a quality device right? You can’t get any better than what they threw out this year, right? Goldgenie says wrong.

Buy Gold Plated Phone or Pay Your Bills Conundrum

They went and outfitted these beasts with your choice of gold, rose gold or platinum plating, said to cost £1,664 (~$2,453 USD). From the looks of things, you will be losing that sexy glass plating on the back of the device, and another concern is that, due to the metal finish, wireless charging may be interfered with. Pre-orders began March 19th and extend through April 7th, and you should receive your device two to three weeks after the phone is officially released.

Goldgenie is no stranger to redressing devices in premium metals, doing so with the M7, M8, iPhone 6, and some Blackberry devices, among others. Their reputation precedes them, and you should be more than satisfied with your product. Before you order, though, you can’t tell me anything that you could spend $2500 on? I mean seriously, you don’t need to pay bills or put a down payment on a car? Furthermore, if a gold PHONE only costs $2500.00, what in the name of all that is glorious justifies the five-figure price tag of the base model Apple watch (spoiler alert, Goldgenie outfitted the whole watch in 24k gold as well for those of you that can’t live without the luxury of something with the name Apple)?

Hefty Price Tag and Then There’s the Safety Issues

When I saw that price tag, I literally thought about a slew of things that I felt would better suit my spending $2500. I’m repeatedly saying that number to reiterate how ludicrous the idea of a $2500 phone is. If you are just totally bent on buying one, let’s offer an alternative perspective: safety. Would you pull out a 24 karat, $2500 phone at a gas station with people behind you? Would you text on this gold phone while sitting down in the park? Are you brave enough to pull out your gold phone at a party in the event of an emergency? If you said yes to any of the questions above, I’m sure you have bodyguards.

All in all, it’s cute, but unless you live around and hang around celebrities, I wouldn’t advise buying this. Challenge for the readers: Who can list 5 things that would be a better use of $2500? Talk to us down in the comments below.

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